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Vilma coming to D.C. for Portis?


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Hey, I just saw this rumor floating around on the Sports Illustrated site.


I think it is probably bogus and sounds like a terrible idea. For one, the Jets just traded for Thomas Jones and already have Leon Washington, and the Skins havent even tried unleashing the two headed monster of Portis and Betts. If it did happen, would Adrian Peterson be on the Skins' radar?

I think its a bad idea and there is almost a 0% chance it will happen, but just for ****s and giggles....

What does everyone else think?

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The best thing about this thread is Diesel's sig. :)

Our RB's IMO have the potential to be the best RB dual in the league. Not even a dumb coaching staff would break that up.

Both of them have had past injuries, so we need them both for insurance for each other as well. If we traded one, and one got hurt, then we might have to resort to... gulp... TRUNG CANIDATE?!?!?

whoops, we already did that... Thanks Vinny Cerrato.

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