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Grbac to Ravens as Brad J. to Bucs?


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A false savior, perhaps?

Don't know how much anyone is paying attention, but Baltimore's offense hasn't looked much better than the first half of last year. Grbac SO FAR isn't making much of a difference, though I'm sure they miss Lewis. So far Cincy is taking them to the shed today. Gotta love that. Hope it holds.

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The Ravens are dealing with Champions' disease. Namely, that every team looks at a game with Baltimore as their own mini-Super Bowl.........

No doubt the injuries to Leon Searcy and Jamal Lewis have slowed the Ravens' offense.

Over time I would be more confident that Grbac will hook up with Sharpe, Taylor, Ismail and others to form a productive offensive attack for the Ravens.

Searcy should be back in 2 weeks.

Johnson I think is more a question mark because there is some doubt about his ability to get the ball downfield still. At 33, he has lost velocity and that is causing defenses to sit on the short and intermediate routes.

All of the Bucs skill players from Keyshawn to Warrick Dunn to Mike Alstott to Jacquez Green are overrated.

None of these players including Brad would be starters on a top offense like Indy or the Rams.

Meanwhile their defense has shown that while it can shut down lesser opponents it has shown some cracks against teams like Minnesota, St. Louis and Philly last year so a repeat of the Ravens' success on D from 2000 is unlikely.

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Kinda' makes you wonder what the fuss was about doesn't it.

Grbac, Johnson (Brad), Rob Johnson, Quincy Carter, (Jeff George??) and on and on, the fact is this:

QB's have to have certain skills besides eyes and arms.

Why does a Flutie or a Ganon survive? Besides, the arms, they have legs, leadership qualties, eyes that "read correctly, not "just read".

Look at NY Giants, NY Jets, Oakland, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Green Bay, Minnesota (struggle here), Miami, New Orleans, Denver and San Diego. The QB is either young with enough spring in his step to elude the rush and make the play, or they are gifted like Vick or they are of the best in the league, like Manning, in getting in his lineman's face and asking them to do better, while doing his part to WIN, not just "play". He may not run pretty, but he kills you, no matter what the he** he does, because he wants to beat your a**!

No way you take the bull by the horns just playing.

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well, let's hope that Davis would, after consecutive 1,400 and 1,300 yard seasons. At least after giving him a $9 million bonus smile.gif

I agree with the overall assessment, however.

Westbrook and Alexander to me are the same player in many ways. Good athletes for their positions, high picks that just seem to underachieve due to injuries and an attitude of arrogance. You just don't see the quantum leap improvement that you expect to see from 26 or 27 year old players.

Gardner may in time turn out to be a key player but asking that much of a rookie with the chaos elsewhere on the offense is unrealistic.

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Leave it to Bullfrog to check is IQ at the door when posting.

Listen my crayon toting friend, Grbac has no running game, a depleted offensive line, and below average WRs to throw to.......you expected a juggernaut?

As for Brad, he was never brought in to be a savior, and the Bucs offense doesn't need or want to be like the Rams or Indy.

If you want to talk overrated (and overpaid) players, look no farther than George, Westbrook, Wilkinson and Arrington...

I'm sure your team could take King and go to a Superbowl Froggy. That'll just be 54 tickets you need to buy instead of 53!! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif


The Truth shall set you free.

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Welcome back Dollar. Nice to hear from a reasonable Bucs fan.

While silly name-calling make make the less mature feel better about themselves, Bulldog's point is valid. Schottenheimer didn't choose George. He got stuck with him and is trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Billick chose Grbac. While some of us may not have expected the Ravens offense to improve much, most of the football watching world figured Grbac was a huge upgrade over Dilfer or Banks. Thus most figured that Grbac would greatly improve Baltimore's passing game, which in turn would improve the offense, which would in turn make the whole team better. The same could be said of the expectations surrounding Tampa's acquisition of Brad Johnson.

We KNOW Jeff George is no savior. But we never expected him to be. That's the distinction.


"Men, there's nothing to get excited about. The situation is normal; we are surrounded."

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Isn't the skins O line depleted?

Bet one dollar and ru will be rooting for the skins tonite especially since there game against the pack will be way below room temperature.

I hold off saying anything until midseason by then things will fall into place otherwise the Bengals and Chargers are in the AFC championship game already


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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I think the market for Grbac (or Grback-up as my good friend likes to call him) got over-inflated after one strong statistical year last year in much the same way that that occurred for Trent Green after 1998. The guy's an above-average NFL QB, but I have yet to see him show that he can carry a team at crunch time in a big game the way a championship caliber QB does. Brad too suffers from that problem, so there I think the two are similar. Grbac however may prove his doubters wrong in that department.

OTOH, Billick has his offense's hands tied as much this year by missing his starting RB as he did last year by missing a good QB. Billick's fancy offensive schemes, like Walsh's and Shanahan and Turner, must must be run with a good QB, a good RB and at least one good WR. Notice that while he had a number of QB's in Minny, he always had Cris Carter at WR and either a young Terry Allen or Robert Smith to hand the ball to. Billick's offense, like all good offensive schemes I suppose, relies upon a number of options to be effective. He's had to pare down his offensive game planning to account for lousy QB's and injuries, so the offense continues to suffer there in spite of Grbac's above-average ability as a QB.


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- Japanese Imperial Admiral Yamamoto, after hearing that the Japanese declaration of war failed to reach the U.S. government before the attack upon Pearl Harbor

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