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i made several valid points. although i havent watched every playoff game from the era, i watched the '83 and '87 superbowl tapes. not recently but i have watched them. so for everyone telling me to watch more game tape, why don't you give a play by play analysis of all the games. then you can act like you are the real expert. i never claimed to be an expert, i was just pointing out what i have seen. also, i pointed out the superbowl teams, not all the teams of the era.

i saw a team with a quarterback who made plays when necessary and dominated with the run. "the quarter" was freakish, ok, and while there were good throws they were also great moves by the recievers and slacked coverage.

three points i made are untouchable.

1. this offense has become horribly predictable and is more of a cause for us being 3-6 than the defense. the defense has given up big plays, but the lack off offensive production lost us the titans, vikings, and all three road division games. failing to score more that 16 points will not win you many, if any games. three points a game in the division road games means you are going to lose. where is the "offensive mastermind/god" Gibbs that you all defend to the death? keep in mind, he was replaced as offensive playcaller because we had the same problems last year.

2. the protection issues are spread equally between brunell, the line, and the coaching.

3. the qualities the made Joe Gibbs the equivilant of deity to most of you from that era are non-existent today. what happened? did he forget what to do? are the players that much worse? or was it all an illusion? i guess you all are the experts and need to tell me.

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