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Aikmans thoughts on the skins


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On the way to work this morning Troy Aikman was on a local radio show, and they asked him why he thought the skins were so bad. I don't have the transcripts, but here is basically what he said....

1. The offense has no identity, they don't know if they want to be a passing offense or a run offense.

2. He said he noticed Brunell two weeks ago only threw 1 pass over 15 yards. You simply can't do that and expect to win. You must be able to stretch a defense.

3. He expects alot of blitzing this weekend against Dallas. Not necessarily because Romo sits to pee is inexperienced but because Springs is back, and can cover better.

Asked about Romo sits to pee's performance against the Panthers, he said it was much better than the casual fan could realized. He made his proper reads, and didn't hesitate to get rid of the ball. He said he expects Romo sits to pee to have a very good career from what he's seen of him the last couple of years.

Then the radio host asked him to keep track of how many times Joe Buck mentions the St. Louis Cardinals. Aikman said he would see what he could do about them adding a "counter" at the bottom of the screen so we can follow along at home.

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1) Duhhh... this has been our biggest complaint, too.

2) You could say that about almost every game this year, which is also why our run game got stuffed against the league's worst run D's on consecutive weeks. I still think how little we committed to the run against the Titans was why Indy dropped to last in the league the following week.

3) I kinda'/sorta' agree, but I think it'll be because we'll actually see a Corner Blitz or two because Springs is back. I don't think anyone other than Taylor or Washington has even blitzed at all this year, except for the one Archuleta sack.

This should be in The Stadium... ;)

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The answer to point one and two is performance of the QB. If JC comes in sometime in the future (this year or next) and lights it up the problem (s) will be solved. If not, the skins are done until they find a QB.

Concerning Romo sits to pee, so far it looks that way, but let the season play out to see more.

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