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Would Dems Work with Bush for Amnesty (Immigration)?


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For this election I'm a bit ambivilent about most topics. Iraq War/Bush... I hope we stay but at this point it seems like a huge waste of $$$ and 3 years ago I was all for splitting the country up. Social issues, sure the Democrats are worse... but the GOP really didn't push any of these issues.

The one issue I really care about is immigration. It seems a lot of Democrats are going to be picking up seats, but I wonder if they are all "Pelosi Democrats". From some things I've picked it it seems like a lot of Democrats in traditional Republican districts are campaigning on tougher enforcement and strict border control. In this respect, I don't see how the House would allow an Amnesty bill to pass... but on the other hand, I know party politics are huge and perhaps some of the these Democrats will go the party way when voting time comes.

Of course I wouldn't have to worry about this if both party of elites were out to screw us with "shamnesty".

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I think nothing will be done again until a few weeks before the next election when there is a sprint for the incumbants to pass a few bills or prepare a few poison apples. This election promises to tie the Congress into deeper gridlock than ever given how close the numbers seem to be panning out.

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