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Everything that guy says, (except the Deion stuff) is quite accurate. The one thing that should infuriate every fan is that Richie Riches actions have made us the laughing stock of the league. I hate what this pee brain has done to our beloved Redskins. It will never be the same ladies and gentlemen, Richie must go.angry.gif

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my question is this, how long are 2 year old stories and mistakes going to be revisited?

By delaying approval of the sale of the team for so long the NFL guaranteed that Snyder was stuck with Turner for the 1999 season despite the fact he was on record as saying during the previous Milstein bid they wanted to bring in a new coach.

So, it was the NFL that created this situation in the beginning.

Then after making his own moves in 2000 and being criticized for it, Snyder brought in what everyone from Chris Mortenson to Joe Gibbs told him was the right pick, a veteran football man with a track record of success in the NFL.

And now, SNYDER is to blame for Marty coming back and alienating half his team in the offseason and making questionable personnel moves in free agency?

You can't have it both ways. Either Snyder should have continued to be involved or he should have backed off.

While there were questions of whether Dan and Marty could co-exist, I don't remember ANYBODY thinking that Marty was going to fall flat on his face with this team either.

In fact most NFL observers said a trimmed down and leaner Redskins team with Marty at the helm might not be pretty but would play hard and win some games perhaps it shouldn't.

I dare anyone to find a respectable columnist that believed in February when Marty took over the team that the Redskins were headed for an 0-5 type start or a dire season in 2001 in terms of getting the players to play hard or be on the same page.

And Snyder has kept his promise to largely stay out of any public comments on the team despite the mudslide that has resulted.

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I decided to send the writer of this eye-opening and original piece an e-mail. Here it is:

Mr. Kindred,

I just finished reading your article on Daniel Snyder and all I can say is "yawn.....been there, done that."

All you've done is continued the piling on of a very easy target. I honestly wonder if the sportswriters and analysts have even investigated the topic before mouthing off.

It's as if Dan Snyder came in and destroyed a once glorious organization. Well, it may be destroyed, but it started LONG before Mr. Snyder got there.

In the seasons after Joe Gibbbs left, and before Snyder arrived the Redskins went 4-12, 3-13, 6-10, 9-7, 8-7-1, and 6-10. They were woeful, made AWFUL draft picks, and had off the field problems and embarrassments (Westbrook beating up Stepehn Davis). The team choked, lacked energy and heart, and was a constant source of frustration and heartache for the fans.

Snyder arrived too late to fire Norv Turner. Both Turner and Casserly HAD to go, but Casserly was the only one he could fire and still field a team for that season. Then, the Redskins turned in a 10-6 season that left them 1 point from the NFC Title game.

So, Snyder stuck with his coach and tried to add to the defense which had failed them a year before.

In your article, you applaud the Redskins' "sensational" defense from last season, yet you rip Snyder for spending all of that money--well, he spent the money on the defense.

Turner failed last year, which should have been no surprise--the biggest mistake Snyder made was not firing him sooner. I will always view the failure of the 2000 season on Norv Turner, not Dan Snyder.

Now, Snyder has turned his team over to Shottenheimer-- and so far, the results haven't been very good. However, it is going to take time to get rid of the things that plauged this team during the Turner era.

Snyder is no angel, and he has made mistakes. But overall, I am glad he owns my team and I believe he will win here-- it's just taking time for him to get it all together.

Go ahead and put some blame on Snyder for contributing to the collapse of the franschise, but pinning it all on him, or even a majority, is the ultimate act of exercising revisionist history.

Thank you for your time,

Ed Kleese

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Everything that guy says, (except the Deion stuff) is quite accurate. The one thing that should infuriate every fan is that Richie Riches actions have made us the laughing stock of the league. I hate what this pee brain has done to our beloved Redskins. It will never be the same ladies and gentlemen, Richie must go.

What a horribly foolish statement. I understand that you are upset, and wish your favorite team was playing better, but your statements aren't even close to the truth.

BTW, I find the Richie Rich thing really amusing. Because most of the other owners must be dirt poor, right? Or wait, maybe they didnt inherit their money? First of all, Snyder didn't inherit a damn thing, and secondly, most of the NFL owners got their cash from their family. And of course, many "pee brains" build up a billion dollar company, from scratch, by their mid thirties. Boy, what a dolt. Silly him.... Silly him for making the Redskins the most valuable franchise in the entire NFL. What a horrible guy. Geez.

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Dave Kindred has had it in for the Skins ever since he was sent from the Washington Post to the Atlanta Constitution for a 12th round pick. Maybe he's still bitter that his replacement, Style-page Tony Kornheiser, ended up on TV and ESPN, not to mention Tony's audition for the MNF spot Dennis Miller won. Or better yet, maybe he's bitter about going from covering Joe Gibbs' Skins to covering the sorry, no-account Atlanta Falcons. laugh.gif

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I like Snyder and I hope he owns the Redskins for a loooong time. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make the Skins winners. True, he has made mistakes, but so what! He's learning from them. When things fall into place, it's good to know we have an owner willing to lay out the bucks to allow for a competitive team. Fans in Arizona and Cincy wouldn't mind a little of that, I assure you.

He may be a pr!ck at times ... I don't know. I do know this: It's very difficult to get people to do what they're supposed to without acting like a pr!ck sometimes. I say this from experience as a manager. Most people need an occasional kick in the @ss.

It would be nice to Snyder get better treatment from Redskin fans than he gets from the rest of the world.

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RTG, Beware of the swarm when making foolish statements. We would have really sucked if we had John Cooke as an owner and we saw that when he was.

I still believe we are a season away from reestablishing ourselves. This is our probation season people don't want to hear rebuilding period,coaches and owners won't say it but when 50% of your roster is replaced in a year what would you call it?

The veteran prima donnas will be removed from the team and we will have energetic young guys to replace them

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Beware The Swarm indeed. smile.gif


I don't think anyone here believes Snyder is above criticism.

My problem is that the day after the Redskins finally show a pulse and win their first game of the season after a 5 game slide, all Kindred can come up with is that he thinks Dan Snyder's a big jerk.

Give me a break. They PAY him for this? He needs to do some freakin homework and come up with something original for a change. The Redskins just WON the day before. Couldn't he even MENTION that?

And right next to this opus is a link to a story about how great Detriot's future looks after LOSING by three points. So, to sum up, the Redskins are a laughingstock despite their first win and the still winless Lions are loveable and scrappy.

That's the definition of a double standard. pissed.gif


"Men, there's nothing to get excited about. The situation is normal; we are surrounded."

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I wrote him back yesterday too.

Among other things, I tried to point out his mistaken representation of Ray Rhodes leaving the team. He wasn't run out of town. He was offered the head coaching job during the season. He asked to be let go during the offseason. After meeting with Marty, he was granted his wish.

I also took exception to the fact that he blaims Snyder for all of the Skins problems. I pointed out that before he got here, we hadn't been to the playoffs for years. After he came, we made it one year and were a place kicker away from making it last year. However, he wouldn't dare blame the media darlin Norv for cutting Conway...Grrrr.

I basically accused him of writing the in style pieces without putting any thought into them or checking them to make sure he's got the whole stories. I also asked him where the stories were this year talking baout teams charging for parking at training camp? Afterall, those greedy owners were sure sticking it to their loyal fans...blah blah blah. I finally suggested maybe he should write a Snyder as a trend setter piece? Nevermind that Snyder didn't charge anything this year (not even for parking like many of the owners did).

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My biggest criticism of Dan Snyder (which only Tom Boswell has pointed out) is that he is STILL undermining his coach. Honestly, what is the point of having the name Steve Spurrier come out of his mouth? I don't care that it was in a private conversation, he shouldn't even be thinking it. With all the "team sources" reporting Dan's every thought, he should now assume that there is no such thing as a private conversation.

He needs to publicly commend Marty and tell the world that Marty has his full confidence, that replacing him is out of the question, and that he has every confidence that the Skins will recover this season. This is a case where Snyder has to go public. His silence is debilitating to the team.

If he wants to scout QBs, watch them on TV. Then he needs to meet with ALL the players and convince them that if they don't perform for Marty then they are letting him down personally, and most importantly letting the fans down. He needs to re-sell Marty to the players.

If he's frustrated with Marty, then he needs to vent that frustration to Marty privately and directly. Then allow Marty to tell sportwriters that the meeting was simply a run-of-the-mill progress report.

That criticism aside, I think Dan Snyder really wants to win badly, and is trying honestly to learn to be a good owner. Everything he has done has backfired on him. You can see him trying not to appear so egotistical. He just has a few more steps to go.

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These are all good points everyone has made and I am so glad you get a warm and fuzzy feeling that your owner will go the distance and pay to win a super bowl. The real issue is no one is going to work for this guy because he is a giant prick, look at Jerry Jones he will never win again. The reason being no one will work for him! But he has money? Y not? This little Richie Rich is not a part of the boys club that is the owners of the NFL, he never will be. This my friends is a proiblem not to mention the above.Everyone wants to see him fail and fail he will. The owners will make sure of it, it started from day one as everyone has pointed out. Defend him all you want the guy may know business, but he doesnt know the business of the NFL. That is our problem, hey I want the team to win as much as he does but I have a better chance of it happening than he does.Next time gentlemen think it thru.smile.gif

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