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Redskins v. Cowboys Video, 2005: 35-7

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1. Are you sick of watching regular season baseball?

2. Are dead of hearing about how T.O. has turned the cowgirls into NFC East favorites?

3. Are you sick of hearing that the skins recieving corps in the 06 season is too small to make any impact?

4. Are you disgusted by all the stupid online opinionaters who claim they are NFL experts with their BS power rankings when really they know jack and could not explain the difference between a counter trey right (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counter_Trey) and an I-right sweep?

5. Are you sick of hearing about who we are going to keep Jacobs, Davidson or Thrash? (can you say toss-up)

6. Are you sick of hearing how the Patriots, Giants and Cardinals are teams to be feared????????????????? HAHA

7. Are you sick of hearing baby don banks and Peter "I used to be fat but now I drink Starbucks" King try and convey their small and pitiful knowledge on the NFL game?

If your answer is yes to more then one of the above, well then you have got to download and watch this video. Skinsfanactic put this bad boy out a while back, and well there is nothing out there that gets me more pumped, excited and HAPPY then this video.

If you haven not seen it, do yourself a huge favor, watch this thing while you get goodsbumps as your hair starts rolling up on the back on your neck. For me, being at that game.........wow........best night of my life.


HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!! :applause:



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A beautiful day indeed. Made all the more pleasant by the fact that I got to go back to all the Cowboy fans I know and question them as to what they meant by "fluke."

Apparently it was a fluke we only beat by one the first time. :D

Damn I can't wait for camp to get rolling. Thanks GPREP. :cheers:

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I AM GOING TO IMMEDIATELY WATCH THE ENTIRE GAME ON MY VHS BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO. Thanks man. This video had be laughing all the way through it! My absolute favorite bit was the missed field goal with johnson yelling at the kicker. They completely sucked.

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Thanks for that... even though I've seen it a thousand times, you just made my day that much better. Two favorite highlights have to be Washington slapping the refs ass, and Portis doing the 'Too legit to quit' dance.

On a side note, one of my best friends is a Cowgirls fan, and I've been sending him an email at least twice a month with a link to that video (i normally disguise it as something else so he'll open it).

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