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Sirius NFL Radio: (LeMar Marshall) 7/7/06


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Are they sure this was Marshall or did Gibbs just put on Marshall's jersey and do the interview? Or, maybe Gibbs was behind him doing a ventriloquism bit. Really, this interview sounded like it came from Gibbs' mouth almost verbatim.

That says a lot about how much Marshall (and I assume others as well) have bought into the program.:cool:

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I hate this thread......

and before all the hating I'll tell you why....


this makes me want it now....I'm up here frickin dying...SEASON START NOW!!!!


other then that...awesome thanks for sharing...bastage ;)

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I appreciate this thread. I got in the car yesterday and they had just finished the interview. I was so upset. Its good to be able to pick it up here on Extremeskins.

But I like the comment about the 14 point lead and milking the clock. Was that really about us? I remember last year many times (in particular the Oakland game), we had a lead something like that and rather then playing the game normally, we went to a 'run Portis' offense for the 3rd and 4th quarters. And we wound up losing on the last play of the game. I hope that doesn't happen again this year.

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