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Redskins Primer?


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We can all agree, even the Cowboys fans who, for some reason, roam this board, that the Redskins will be fighting for the division this year. A lot of us, myself included, think that we could win it all (at 16-3/17-2). This, of course, always brings new fans. Regardless of your opinions of fairweather fans, some people genuinely become diehard fans once they've seen that their team actually has some hope.

I think that we, as the Redskins community, should create some sort of Primer to teach these new fans what they've been missing. We should include histories, player profiles, classic games/players/coaches, and everything else in between. I think it'd greatly benefit this next influx of Extremeskins that we'll have by the time XLI is over, as well as giving us a place to point those who are completely clueless.

. . . and it'll give me a place to start when I try to explain to my girlfriend why the hell she isn't priority #1 on Sundays.

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