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Man Law!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Can I get a man law clarification?

While reversing with a male passenger, is it okay to put your arm on the back of his seat to look through the back winshield?

Yes, but under no circumstances are you to make direct eye contact with the passenger while making your move to look back or forward again. Any pause to stare at the passenger-sans-boobs will result in a revoquing of your man card. If you happen to touch his hair through the hole between the head rest and seat, you must immideatly move said hand and demand the hippy get a damn hair cut.

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Man law: We need more man laws. :silly:

Man Law: For a man's 18th birthday, he shall get an issue of Playboy. Getting it as the birthday present from his parents makes him no less of a man :paranoid:

Man Law: For a man's 21st birthday, he shall go to Vegas. He shall gamble at least once, go to at least one "Gentleman's" Club, and receive at least one lap dance.

Amendment to above law: There is nothing wrong with said man's father treating him to most of this trip, as long as it is just 2 guys, though said man turning 21 must pay for at least one lap dance :cool:

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