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Venice in Legos - awesome pics


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I think this is awesome. I showed my wife the pictures without telling her it was Legos, and she thought for a minute the pictures were real. We were in Venice just this December, and recognized a lot of those places, although the artist took artistic license with the Spiral Staircase, since it's actually buried in a remote alley, not on a canal.

By the way, the Grand Canal's nastiness is a myth, from what I've read and experienced. It didn't smell at all, and the water looked fine to me. We rode the "poor man's gondola" (vaporettos) everywhere. Lots of fun.

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I can't believe people are bashing the person who built this. For god's sake, some people garden, some people paint, some people have aquariums. Leave the person alone.

I wish I could have an aquarium. I manage to kill everything that ever gets in mine.

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