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No, because the price will be WAY to high. Brady has already shown a lot more than Rob Johnson showed in Jacksonville, and the Jaguars got the 11th pick in the first round in exchange for him. There is a shortage of quality quarterbacks in the NFL, so when one becomes available you have to pay a premium to get him, and I can't see un getting into a bidding war for him.

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if Rich Gannon, Vinny Testaverde, Jeff Garcia, Kurt Warner et al have shown is that you don't have to go out and spend all your top draft picks to acquire a quarterback. You need to make a sober assessment of the skills necessary to be successful in the system you are running and then look for opportunities to acquire a player at reasonable cost.

The best coaches do just that.

When you get desperate as Mike Holmgren has done with Matt Hasselbeck and the Bills did with Rob Johnson and trade top picks giving out large bonus dollars, that is when you get your team in trouble.

The risks of failure with the younger players is just too high at the position.

Brady himself has cooled off somewhat as teams are seeing him for a second time. Look at his td/int ratio for his first 3 games and his last 3 games.

You will see more mistakes and fewer big plays.

Anyone remember Scott Mitchell in Miami in relief of Dan Marino?

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Yeah, when people talk about Brady I think of Mitchell. I don't know if that's fair or not, but it seems that there was a similar amount of hoopla surrounding Mitchell's performance in relief of Dan Marino.

Some guys thrive on "being the underdog." But once the expectations arrive along with the big paycheck, along with an adequate scouting report on the guy, the results may not be the same.

I wouldn't make a big offer to him. There aren't many I would make a big offer to.

People love McNabb, but I would take Aaron Brooks in a heartbeat over him. He's a better pure passer, while nearly equal in elusiveness and running skills.

Full disclosure requires me to state for the record that I am a fellow Wahoo, not that that clouds my judgement.biggrin.gif

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Welcome aboard displaced fan.

No. According to WTEM if the PATS cut Bledsoe after this season the Cap hit is One MILLION Dollars.

His big contract is an extension to his current contract and thus isn't in effect.

Similar to the wasted big contract that the JAGS did with Brunell.

Hopefully we dont ga ga over a name QB and over spend

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Blesoe is only 30 but has been absolutely pounded in his time in New England. Their line has been one of the worst in the NFL over the past few years.

In some ways Bledsoe reminds me of Bernie Kosar who suffered a similar fate in Cleveland. At one point he was knocked out of consecutive games.

Remember it was Bill Bellichick that got rid of Bernie in Cleveland as well? Ironic, eh?

What I remember was Aikman getting knocked out of the NFC title game in 1993 and Kosar taking over in the second half, throwing 2 touchdowns to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile Bellichick was starting Brad Goebel at quarterback for the Browns evil.gif

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