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Exactly, nothing beats a real Wilson NFL football

AMEN! I've got a Jack Kent Cooke Stadium Inaugural Game ball that I use for a security blanket when games get tight. Needless to say it's been through a lot these last few years.

Funny story - I took it to work a few years ago to show it to a fellow skins fan. He works on the catering truck so I handed the ball up to him and went about my business. Few seconds later I turn around and he's running out for a pass - a ball comes flying out of the back of the truck, he drops it and it hits the pavement. I was in shock. I screamed "What the *** are you doing?? You dumbass!" He starts laughing and tosses me the ball - a cheapo that they kept in the truck. They had done the ol switcheroo.

After my heart slid back down to its proper position I congratulated him on an awesome joke.

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Walmart sells those $10 wilsons with the super grip but if you are training for skill buy the ncaa one for $20.......

Big 5 sports sells Authentic balls for $80 ........the real deal.......you can tell the difference because the real footballs are harder to grip and a ***** to catch a bullet pass.........

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