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I have created some gifs of redskins players for signatures or something, here there are:

Santana burning Allen:


Ryan´s big hit on Giants receiver:


Sean jacked up Porter:


Sean jacked up tatum bell:


Clinton Portis Cartwheel:


That´s all for the moment, if someone have a suggestion to make another one, tell me.

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Nice work. :)

Anyway you can straighten up the cartwheel one?

Ouch, That gif is made using caps like this:


And I try to bring near the image. When i have time, i´m going to try to make it from another angle...


P.d excuse my english

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KAOSkins, idon´t known nothing about avi-->Gif converter, sorry. I use a litle bit more complicated proces. Make captures with de BSPlayer, and paste them with the Microsoft GIFAnimator.

No prob. I just have one file I want to convert and I didn't want to spend the cash if I didn't have to. Your work there is way more complicated than anything I would do. Nice!

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