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Wow what a punk same T.O as always


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Its quite evident if you listen to this song why he signed with Dallas...

Revenge and...



This guy makes me sick...

So you wouldn't want these things?

As far as I see it, he's the man. As long as he can do what he does on the field he can have whatever the hell he wants on his website.

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"How important to you is a TD's Celebration?

Dont Allow-496

Dont Care-2732

Very much-9248

It Makes The Game!-23122"

By the poll numbers, we should get ready to see him do some creative celebrations, not against us of course, he's not getting in there.

By the lyrics of the song, he hasn't changed at all.

"Im bad and better then ever"

"Be back in the pro bowl a week after we win the superbowl"

"Main reason your fans come for"

"Still the best in the game and you know that its true"

"Take the team to the top"

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