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Best Redskins RB Ever?


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Alright, I am just a young-buck, and never saw Riggo play...

But if he is so much better than CP, why does he not hold the Redskins rushing record...

It does help that Riggo played behind one of THE best O-Lines EVER...


Riggins does own the career record, just not the single season any longer. Also keep in mind Riggins played with a few other decent backs too, Joe Washington and George Rogers.

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during Riggo's day 1500yds was unthinkable. CP is one bad MFer too, but different styles. It's like watching a middle weight fight compared to watching a heavy weight fight. They're both exciting but two totally differnt fights. Riggo would just demoralize a defense. Run after run after run after run........... Until you were so tired of trying to bring him down you just wanted to quit.

On a side note, I will say that little Joe Washington didn't get the credit he deserved. Our side of the 50, give it to Joe. Once we got inside the 40 Big John all the way. It was beautiful thing to watch.

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Clinton Portis is good, but hes still too young to put in that Category.

If he stays healthy and has some more good seasons then he might be up there with #44

Dude are you kidding me? He had the greatest skins season ever last year, and The last I heard the Dirtbags(what a gay name) weren't the Hogs. If CP can string together a couple more good seasons he will blow Riggins out of the water. Right now he is a potential HOF with those numbers, 4 straight 1300 seasons, Did 44 do that?

That was a little harsh, but i felt like blowing some steam

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