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Close this post, Mods! I dare you! COOLEY IS OUR POSSESION RECEIVER!


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Man, this site has turned into an elitest forum. You can only post high brow football posts. What happend to just being able to post your opinion or post a question that may not be obvious to you??

Friggen Forum Nazis!!

Anywho, for all those who say we need a possesion reciever, WE ALREADY HAVE ONE! HIS NAME IS CHRIS COOLEY! Think about it. Last year when we needed those short yardage plays for first downs we went to Cooley and our h-back/tight end.

This need for a possesion reciever is overrated! Cooley is a prototype possesion guy. Big, clean routes and glue hands.

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Let me repeat so people start to get it.

If asking you to say ANYTHING you want, only, in areas that may already contain similar conversations is a limitation to you, then, don't post here. And, if it is a lot to you and you want to post here anyway, don't let me know it's too much to ask, because, ONCE I see a post like this, I'm just kicking you out to help you achieve what you need to achieve.

You will embrace this direction. Or, you'll be elsewhere. Not too hard.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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