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Moss, Randle El, Lloyd speed comparo?


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ARE ran a 4.49 at his combine.

Lloyd ran a 4.6 at his combine but another time he got 4.49

So 4.49 +4.49. + 4.3= 13.28

If they ran the 100 yard dash they would run it in 11.06 seconds. Not bad.

first, yes all of these dudes are super fast- adding their times up for a 100 yard dash time- not a good measure of their speed- in fact a 100 yard dash in 11.06 wouldnt even win ya a high school race! I imagine Moss could run the 100m (about 10 yards longer than a 100 yards) in the low 10's; the other two in the mid to low 10's as well. Its all about football speed anyways. :2cents:

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