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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

Mark The Homer

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FedExField

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Edit: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


This is a large post, so if you're looking for specific info and you are using an updated browser, press the F3 key and type in a search word or two. If nothing comes up, check the Stadium Guide.


I've attended every Redskins game since Jack Kent Cooke Stadium opened on September 14th, 1997. I've sat all over the Stadium - upstairs, downstairs, club, loge, front rows, back rows, on the aisle, etc. I've acquired quite a bit of knowledge regarding the infamous obstructed view seats installed in 2004 as well as many other seats. I've also seen a lot of attempts at fraud on eBay and other sites -- by sellers trying to take advantage of fan ignorance regarding certain seats (e.g. selling fans Obstructed View season tickets for over $1,000 each).

I see ES members constantly starting threads asking the same questions over and over several times a week regarding obstructed view seats. Interestingly, the word "obstructed" is nowhere to be found on the redskins.com site. I thought I'd start this thread to provide information and answer questions some ES members and Redskins fans may have about seats - as much of this information is unavailable or hard to find at redskins.com. I also wanted to use this thread to alert members to after-market listings I occasionally run across that are possibly or obviously fraudulent.

Partial View Seating

The team uses the phrase "Partial View Seating" to describe the entire group of seats installed in the summer of 2004 beyond Row 13 of the 200 level of FedExField. These Partial View seats were installed at and behind the line of pillars which holds up the 300 level. In 2006, these seats were finally categorized by the Redskins into three sub-groups. But before we get into that, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of "the cave" as many fans call this area.

There are three issues with the 200 level, two of which are frequently overlooked by online buyers in this area:


1) The pillars which may block the view of part of the field.

2) The extremely low overhang which blocks the view of punts, kicks, and passes - and which gives the fan the feeling he is watching the game from within a cave. The low overhang also blocks the view of the new HD Tron.

3) The lack of adequate incline, which causes the view of the field to be blocked by the heads of fans.


In addition, some of the seats in this area are an inch or so narrower than other seats in the stadium.

If you're buying in the 200 level, beware of dishonest sellers who are purposely vague or misleading. If the ad is not clear, you should ask direct questions and expect clear answers. Beware of sellers who claim their tickets are "Obstructed/Limited View." I see this all the time. There is no such thing. It has to be one or the other, and there is a clear distinction between the two.

The 200 level can be good seats, if you get in the first thirteen rows or so. Starting at about Row 3 (or 4 to be safe), your seat is even covered in event of rain. The pillars start at about Row 13 although there are no Partial View seats in row 13. Pictured below are rows 15, 14, and 13.



The pillars are so wide, they extend into Row 14, taking up two rows. The total number of rows in the 200 level is now 23 or 24 depending on the section (it was 13-14 before 2004). The number of seats in each row in the sidelines sections is about 24. All pillars in the sidelines sections are exactly in the middle of those sections, which would put them at about seat 12 and 13. So, if you can find out the seat number in an eBay auction, you can try to calculate where the pillar is located in relation to your seat and your view of the field. Section and seat numbers increase sequentially as they move clock-wise around the stadium starting and ending at the 50 yard line on the home side.

If you're in Row 14 or further back, the closer to the aisle you are, the more likely you'll have a clear view. As you move back, it's becomes more and more likely your view will be at least partially blocked by a pillar.



Another problem with the area is, even with a clear view of the field from the back, it's sort of like watching the game from inside a cave. And from the last row, the overhang in front of you is so low, you can just barely see over the top of the cheerleaders heads on the opposite side of the field. If you're in the endzone, the endzone on the opposite side may be blocked, as well as the goalpost - but not necessarily from a pillar. Your view may be blocked by the low overhang.


Yet, another problem with the area is that the incline is reduced, relative to the first 13 rows. Normally, the seating areas of football stadiums are designed and constructed to increase incline with height so that fans can see over the heads of people sitting in front of them. The Redskins, however, actually decreased the incline after Row 13 so that they could install more rows in the back of the newly expanded 200 level without hitting the ceiling (i.e. the club level deck). This results in an increase in likelihood that somebody's head or many heads will be blocking parts of the playing field while sitting in the back rows beyond row 14. The severity of this problem increases as you go further and further back.

If you look at the alignment of the top of the railings in the below photo, you can see how the incline is suddenly reduced starting at about Row 14. The photo was taken before kickoff. During a game, the seats in front of the camera would be filled with fans, and your view of the field would be significantly reduced by the heads of those fans.


After much fan confusion and anger in 2004 and even in 2005, the Redskins have done a lot to resolve some of the problems by removing a few of the most horrible seats, significantly lowering some of the prices, and printing specific phrases on certain tickets. The easiest way to avoid being misled when buying tickets in the 200 level is to ask the seller specifically about these phrases which are printed on the tickets.

In response to another Partial View seat thread in the spring of 2008, the Redskins Ticket Office forwarded the following info to Art (a veteran moderator and senior ES staff member) who posted the following:

All. This is an official reply to this thread from the ticket office. Read it. Factor it in.

Official response:

Beginning after the 2004 season limited [i.e. Partial] view seats have been sold to any member of the season ticket waiting list or current season ticket holders on a first com first serve basis.

The [current] prices of these ticket range from $29.00 (plus tax) to $79.00 (plus tax) per seat based on the amount of obstruction and are sold on a season basis only.

Tickets for this area are clearly marked on the front of the ticket based on the amount of obstruction as follows:

Terrace Seating – Less then [sic] a 10% obstruction

Limited View – 11% to 35% obstruction

Obstructed View – more than 35% obstruction



This is the first time I've seen percentages associated with the Partial View in this area. I believe the Redskins are including the overhang and the lack of adequate incline when using the word "obstruction" above. So, for example, I believe "Full View Terrace Seating" guarantees an unimpeded view of the entire field, but because the Redskins consider the low overhang an obstruction during punts, etc., they consider the seats to have up to a ten percent obstruction even with a clear view of the entire field.

Here's a breakdown of 200 level Partial View seating, phrases, and prices:

OBSTRUCTED VIEW BLEACHERS* - this phrase is printed in bold faced type on the face of each obstructed view ticket. It means a significant portion of the field will be blocked by a pillar. You will have a goal post blocked at best, and at worst have the 50 yard line blocked. The new HD video board will not be visible. There is a large variance of views within this category; some views show 80% of the field and some views show less than 50% of the field. The seats are not actually bleachers, they are the same plastic bucket seats as installed elsewhere in the stadium, although some of them are slightly narrower. The 2006-2011 face value is $29, plus 10% tax.

LIMITED VIEW TERRACE SEATING* - this phrase is printed in bold faced type on each limited view ticket. It means it's possible most of one of the endzones will be blocked by a pillar. In addition, your view of the rest of the field may be hampered by the heads of fans sitting in front of you if you're sitting too far back. These seats will not include a view of the new HD video board. This phrase also automatically applies to any ticket for a seat at or above Row 17 that is not Obstructed View because of the oppressive overhang and inadequate incline. The 2006-2011 face value is $54, plus 10% tax.

FULL VIEW TERRACE SEATING* - this phrase is printed in bold faced type on tickets for most or perhaps all of the newly installed 200 level seats that do NOT include limited view or obstructed view. The phrase is dedicated to seats installed between the pillars, and implies a clear view of the field from endzone to endzone in rows 14 - 16. While the field is in full view, the overhang is a bit oppressive and the incline can be a problem in the latter rows. These seats will not include a view of the new HD video board because the overhang edge will cover all but the very bottom edge of the board. The 2006-2011 face value is $79, plus 10% tax.

*The exception is tickets that are printed at the Redskins ticket office rather than the commercial printer. These tickets look much different than the "normal" tickets as they are mostly white although they will have a ghost-like Redskins logo on them. These tickets may not include phrases as described above due to human error at the time of printing.

There are color TVs mounted in the ceiling to provide video and game info for all the above seats.


Unfortunately, if you're watching live action, and the play moves to an obstructed area of the field forcing you to glance at the TV, the play on the TV is from the opposite side of the field so that the play on the screen is suddenly going in the opposite direction, causing you to miss-track what is happening. "It's so annoying!" - quote from my daughter who sits in Obstructed View seats.

Hint:  ...in a nutshell, do your research if you're buying seats in rows 14 or above in the 200 level...

Other Lower Level Seats (no phrase) - This includes the rest of the seats in the lower level which are, for the most part, original seats installed in 1997. None of the above mentioned phrases are printed on the face of the ticket. It includes tickets all the 100 level seats, and all the original 200 level seats; that is, tickets for seats in rows 1 - 13. The 2006-present face value for these lower level seats is $99, plus 10% tax.

200 Level Drip Warning - During or immediately after heavy rain or snowfall, there can be significant water seepage from the club level, through what I assume are cracks in the concrete which run along the center support beams (the ones the pillars support), down onto fans sitting under cover in the 200 level. This overhead support beam is in the center of the section and equal distance between the aisles. There is a nice photo of this beam in the above image. Water will drip from the bottom of the beam you see in the photo. This dripping from the center beam only affects those sitting in seats 11, 12, and 13 in any of the 200 level sidelines sections on the visiting side (not sure what seat numbers are affected in the corners). And due to the way the support beam is laid - angling downwards, the dripping is especially bad in rows 3, 5, and 6 (especially row 5, and row 4 is safe) because the drips tend to flow downhill and collect at the bottom of the beam. Those above row 6 probably won't have a dripping problem, or it will be relatively minor. Try to avoid seats 11, 12, & 13 in rows 3, 5, and 6, or bring rain gear.

In addition, the signage installed above row 2 will drip after snowfall. This dripping effects random seats in rows 2 & 3, and the drips also hit the top of the seat backs of row 1.

Gate Lettering

There are eight Gates, which are generally referred to as Gates A through H. They start near the ticket office (Gate A) and increase clock-wise around the stadium, ending near the Hall of Fame store (Gate H). However, the gate lettering system has become confusing because the rights to some of the gate names have been sold to corporate sponsors and renamed for those sponsors. For example, at one point, Gate A had been renamed "Sprint Gate" and the letter "A" had been removed.

Gate A (left) Ticket Office/Suite Entrance (right)

So if you're supposed to meet a friend in front of Gate A, and you proceed to walk around the stadium looking for Gate A, you will never be quite sure if, when, or where you have found Gate A. If you find yourself at a Gate with a corporate name but without a letter, the easiest way to figure out what Gate you are in front of is to look at the adjacent parking lot for the large signs on the light poles. The lot names all start with letters that coincide with the nearest Gate. For example, if you find yourself at the Bank of America Gate, look at the nearest parking lot signs. The lots near that gate will start with the letter "E" (e.g E11), so you then know you are at Gate E.

Gate A, D, E, and H have been renamed nrg Gate, Verizon Gate, Bank of America Gate, and Comcast Sportsnet Gate, respectively.

Also of note, Gate C is effectively closed due to the AAA Ultimate Fan Zone. If you are parking in the C lot, Gate D is your closest available gate. If you have AAA Ultimate Fan Zone passes, you may be told to use Gates B or C, but Gate C is actually a simple chain link fence gate right next to Gate D.

Seat Numbering

Seats numbers increase in the same way the section numbers increase - that is, clock-wise around the stadium. If you're sitting in your seat, lower seat numbers are to your right, higher seat numbers are to your left. Rows generally run 20-26 seats in sidelines sections. Corner sections can be significantly more or less.

Bud Light Pavilion

The Bud Light Pavilion is located between gates F and G in the East endzone just outside the stadium. It usually has a live rock band playing pre-game.

Pick-A-Seat Day (for the Partial View Seat Area) - If you are interested in 200 level seats as described in the paragraphs above, the ticket office has had something called "Pick A Seat Day" in late May or early June the past few years. Fans can show up at the lobby near Gate A at the stadium starting at 9 AM (however you must arrive much earlier than that to get the best seats because the line starts before dawn) and pick from a pool of available seats which are marked throughout the 200 level. This is a legitimate bargain, because (excluding perhaps the Cowboys game) there are ALWAYS empty seats in the upper deck high corners and other places that you can easily move to if you hate your obstructed seats. It appears this is for wait list fans only, although in previous years it was available to anybody. It is possible the Redskins employees will approach those in line and make exclusive unadvertised verbal offers for major discounts to certain other seats at this time, as well. Watch for a thread in this forum in May, or call the ticket office in mid-May to inquire about pick-a-seat day: 301 276-6050.

Other Obstructed Seats


Aisle seats in:


200 level, Row 1
200 level, Row 6 - sidelines sections on home side
200 level, Row 8
300 level, Row 10
300 level, Row 15
400 level, Row 4
400 level, Row 9


These are all aisle seats that are either near the landing of a tunnel entrance or behind a railing that wraps around the back of a tunnel entrance. Seats directly behind these seats or adjacent to these seats can have impeded views as well (see the links below). Both the flow of fan traffic and the steel railing that runs along the top and sides of the tunnel or tunnel landing will block the view of part of the field. There is no phrase printed on these tickets to warn a buyer of the obstructed view. Be wary of seats on the aisle in these rows. In addition, the three rows of Dream Seats (aka Field Club seats) have a view that will be impeded by those standing on the sidelines, such as players, coaches, lineskeepers, photographers, etc.

The pic you see above was taken while sitting in section 428, row 4, seat 5. The seat is on the aisle and the aisle is adjacent to the tunnel entrance which is why seats 1-4 don't exist (the tunnel is where the seats would be). I was sitting up straight with my back against the back of the seat when I took these photos. A ticket office ex-employee once posted that the team sells seats such as this to employees at a discount and these are not generally available as season tickets to the general public. However, seats such as these show up on the aftermarket all the time, and they also show up from the team the week before the game via so-called player/sponsor returns and are sold on ticketmaster, so beware. There are no indication on the ticketmaster invoice or on the tickets to indicate they have an obstructed view.

Here are some more views from aisle seats as you move up:

Section 428, Row 5, Seat 5

Section 428, Row 6, Seat 5

Section 428, Row 7, Seat 5

Section 428, Row 8, Seat 5

FYI: The mirror of this seat location, (that's the one on the other side of the tunnel), is Section 427, Seat 20.

At row 8 and in front of row 9, the aisle turns and moves sideways behind the tunnel entrance. Then, it turns again and goes up again. Therefore, row 9 has 4.5 extra seats on each end (the row actually increases from 20 seats to 25 seats). Here is the view from Section 428, row 9, seat 1:


Section 428, Row 9, Seat 4 .... Section 428, Row 9, Seat 3 .... Section 428, Row 9, Seat 2 .... Section 428, Row 19, Seat 1




FYI: The mirror of this seat location, (that's the one on the other side of the aisle), is Section 427, Seat 25.

Since the aisles and tunnels in each section are designed similarly, you can see these views are going to be similar, regardless of what section you are sitting in. However, please note that the 300 level railing seats are not as bad as those on the 400 level. And the 200 level railing seats are not as bad as those on the 300 level. The railings are lower in lower decks because of the reduced pitch of those decks.

Pick-A-Seat Day (for the Upper Level) - In 2010, the team had a Pick A Seat Day for wait list fans. Wait list members were emailed and could then show up on a Saturday in Mid-July to choose from available seats in part of the upper bowl. In 2010, fans were allowed to choose from available seats in sections 426-442 (roughly). Most seats were in very high rows. The lower row seats available were in the endzone or back corner.



Ticket Price Face Value


Non-Premium Original Stadium Seating


Lower Level Mid-Field Sections 101, 121, 122, 142:  $139 plus 10% tax = $152.90 each


Lower Level Sidelines excluding above sections:  $119 plus 10% tax = $130.90 each


Lower Level Endzone & Corners:*  $109 plus 10% tax = $119.90 each


Upper Level Sidelines, Front Corners, Mid Corners, Rows 1-15:  $84 plus 10% tax = $92.40 each


Upper level Sidelines, Rows 16-29:  $69 plus 10% tax = $75.90


Upper Level Endzone & Back Corners:  $69 plus 10% tax = $75.90



*This endzone pricing area includes sections 105, 117, 126, and 138 which had
previously been considered as within a sideline zone



Lower Level Partial View Seating (under the Club Level)


Obstructed View:  $34 plus 10% tax = $37.40


Limited View:  $59 plus 10% tax = $64.90


Terrace Seating:  $84 plus 10% tax = $92.40



Below is a link to a Stadium Map:




True Cost

All the above prices are "face value" as printed on the tickets. However, please note that the face value is not really accurate because these tickets are generally unavailable to purchase as singles from the Redskins. They may only be purchased as a package, except in cases when the team has "give-backs" from the opposing team the week prior to a game. Otherwise the season ticket holder is forced to pay full face value for all ten games, including the two preseason games. The market price for the preseason games is considerably less than the face value -- I'd say roughly one-fifth is typical. Therefore, I think it's reasonable to assess the true cost of regular game tickets to a season ticket holder as more than the face value because of the dramatically decreased value of the preseason game tickets. In my opinion, the true cost (or cost to a season ticket holder) of a regular season ticket, in general, would be about 20% more on average than the face value as printed on the ticket. Obviously, one can make an argument for more or less than a 20% hike depending on the game, and that's fine. My point is, maybe a fan shouldn't be afraid to pay a little more than face value for a regular season game ticket, because paying a little extra will more accurately reflect its true cost to the original account holder.

Will Call

Will Call is a window at the ticket office where fans can leave tickets for other fans. The Will Call Windows at FedExField are provided as a service for Washington Redskins Season Ticket Holders. A $50 fee per envelope must be paid by all non-season ticket holders seeking to leave tickets for pick-up at the FedExField Ticket Office. Season ticket holders must present their account number and a valid photo I.D. to drop off tickets licensed to their account without incurring the charge. Fans picking up tickets must show a valid photo I.D. The Will Call window opens two hours before kickoff.

Drinking Fountains

The team sells chilled 20 oz bottles of water for $5 each throughout the stadium, but not many know that, although sparse, there are a few drinking fountains dispensing water for free. They are located on the lower level 1) just to the right of the Gate D entrance (look behind the booth just to the left of the ramps leading upstairs), 2) near the Hall of Fame Store, 3) behind section 124, and also 4) on the upper level near the customer service desk behind section 403.


Private Bathrooms

If you are disabled or have small children, there are private bathrooms available for your use. They are located near the elevators on all levels.


Lap Pass

If you are escorting a child two years old or younger, he/she will be allowed into the stadium without a ticket at no charge. A lap pass will be provided at the gate, and the child will be required to sit in the parent or guardian's lap within the bowl.

Stadium Map

Almost every stadium map of FedExField found online is out of scale due to the awkwardness of displaying the stacked levels of the stadium. The sections are either ballooned out-of-proportion so that the sections appear considerably further from the field than they really are, or the sections are over-enlarged relative to others, or the sections and aisles are out of alignment, or all three. For example, many maps show the back of the upper deck to be scaled at 200 yards from the field. Not true! Even the map at redskins.com is out of scale.

The below map is almost perfect. It's taken from the mechanical drawing of the stadium, and is almost perfectly accurate in scale. Note that almost all of the 200 level is underneath the 300 level, and the last three rows of the 300 level is underneath the lower suite level which is underneath the upper suite level which is underneath the upper level. If a photo was taken above the stadium, the 200 level would show only two rows, and the last three rows of the 300 level and both suite levels would be invisible because the upperdeck extends overhead. In reality, the 300 and 400 levels are longer than shown here. Other than that, this map is perfect:


above map credit: stagefront.com, eventprocess.com



View From Your Section

To see a photo from your section, please click here for an interactive map. Know that the photo is taken from the middle of the section in a convenient row, and probably not from your row or your seat. Map and photos are provided courtesy of the Washington Redskins. Here is a HD view from section 405 taken in 2009. Here are some more HD views: 414 135

Looking straight down for the upper deck endzone row 1

Seats Under Cover

Obviously, all seats in the Owner's Club, Executive Suites, and Loge areas are under cover and climate controlled. The exception is seats in row 1 of the west Loge which may be vulnerable to blowing rain because the seats are actually out on the West Loge Balcony and close to the edge of the upper level overhang.

Within the bowl, the following bowl seats are completely under cover:

200 level, row 4 and above. In Row 3, your head is covered, but your knees may get wet. Beware of the Partial View area above Row 13.

300 level, row 19. In row 18, your head is covered, but your knees will get wet. If you're in the west end of the stadium within sections 306 to 316, you may have better cover in rows 18 and 17 due to the West Loge balcony extended overhead.

In addition, the last row of the Standing Room Only Party Decks in the club level are undercover and are first-come, first-served. The second to last row in the west endzone may also be under cover due to the balcony overhead.

Seats In The Shade

Re: 1 PM Games - Early in the regular season when it's hot, seats in the shade are popular. Most of the seats located between sections 101 and 107 or so are in the shade during 1 PM games, excluding the ones close to the field. All the seats on the home side of the club level are also in the shade. In addition, the seats in the 200 section on the visiting side are in the shade starting at about row 11 and above (lower rows 6-10 are in the shade some of the time). They are shaded by the club level overhang.

Seats In The Sun

Late in the season when it's cold, seats in the sun are popular. Most of the seats on the visiting side of the stadium are in the sun during 1 PM games.

Flood/puddle Warning

After significant rain or snowfall, the decks of Row 1 in the 100, 300, and 400 levels can become flooded with up to an inch of water due to clogged drains and low points. This is a common problem with most if not all sports stadiums - it is not specific to FedExField. In addition, the deck of Row 4 in the upper level can flood for the same reason. Also, the first 11 rows or so of the west endzone 100 level can become flooded because those particular decks are aluminum and lack drains, and are warped in some areas, causing rain water to pool. They are also very slick when wet.

Alternate Routes To FedExField

Regarding game day traffic, If you're planning on arriving within 2 hours of kickoff, a good rule of thumb is to add one hour to what you would normally think your travel time would be in normal traffic. In other words, if you live about an hour away and you want to arrive at 11:30 am for a 1 PM game, you better leave at 9:30 am. If you are planning on arriving 3 hours before kickoff, you only need to add about fifteen minutes.

If you are planning on arriving at around kickoff, change your plan.

Hint:   ...the easiest way to avoid gridloick is to COME EARLY

If you'd like to avoid gridlock on the beltway, here are some alternate routes.

Parking is normally $400 for a book of ten colored passes regardless of the color, with the exception of Platinum Parking and RV parking. A parking pass holder must park in the colored and lettered lot which matches his pass. However, to access a given lot, the fan must use the appropriate entrance (Redskins Rd., Arena Dr, or Morgan Blvd) which is designated on the pass. The large number on the face of the pass denotes the game (e.g. a "1" would be for the first pre-season game, a "3" would be for the first regular season game, etc.) and has nothing to do with a lot number. The Redskins allow hot tailgating (meaning alcohol and barbecuing is permitted) at all their lots, although the tailgate rules have changed a bit starting in 2009 (see below). All lots usually open 4 hours before kickoff, although they may open early for certain night games (an announcement is usually made a few days prior). The exception is the Green B lot which opens 5 hours prior to kickoff.  Colored lot passes must be purchased in advance and displayed in full view upon approach to the stadium - usually hung from the rear view mirror. Be sure your pass has the perforated scan code section attached at the bottom. This will be removed by a lot attendant.


Platinum Parking is available to premium season ticket holders for $1,000 per season. It is VIP reserved parking, which means a specific space within a specific lot will be reserved for the pass holder and no others, and guarantees a parking spot very close to the stadium regardless of arrival time. Printed on the Platinum passes in bold-face type are the words "No Tailgating." This is not quite correct. Limited tailgating is permitted in the Platinum Lot, provided fans tailgate within or immediately behind or in front of their specific reserved parking space. Access lanes must not be blocked in any way. 

Purple Parking is available for Owner's Club, Executive Suite, Touchdown Club, Loge, and Dream Seat season ticket holders. The D lot provides parking at the curb very close to the stadium.

Orange Parking is available for Club Level season ticket holders. It is located behind the Platinum and Purple lots and at the curb in the C lot.

Green Parking is the best parking available for general season ticket holders, and provides parking within a reasonable walk to the stadium. There is a waiting list for green passes.

Green B Lot Parking is in what used to be a normal green lot, but is now considered the Green B lot. It is the large lot west of FedExField, just south of the Prince George's SportsPlex. This pass is lot specific for the B lot. The Green B lot is not quite as convenient as some of the other green lots. See parking map.  However, it does have certain amenities.  The Green B lot is the only parking lot which allows entry and tailgating a whopping five (5) hours before kickoff.  It also includes spaces which are 50% wider than spaces in other lots.  It also has its own dedicated entry and exit roads allowing vehicles to avoid traffic from the rest of the stadium. 

Gray Parking is employee and media parking, although season ticket holders can park in these lots if they request it.  These lots are comprised of loose gravel and can be very muddy depending on recent weather. Be advised, the gray lot may not be open after a recent snowfall in which case gray lot pass holders will be directed to a green overflow lot - probably the Green B lot or the Prince George's Sportsplex.  The team also overs this lot for cash parking.  I believe the price is $40 or $45 cash.

On-Site (Click 'n Park) Parking These are pdf parking passes printed by your home computer's printer. They allow parking in the green lot accessed by Morgan Blvd. Fans with these passes must use Morgan Blvd to approach the stadium.

Off-Site Parking Media can park for free in the grey lot and must walk in to the Stadium, roughly a 3/4 mile walk.

Cash Parking is available in a number of places, all privately controlled. One option is to park in what used to be known as the copper lot for $30. This lot used to be controlled by the team but now is privately controlled. To access this lot, you will turn into Barlow Rd. from Landover Rd., then turn left from Barlowe Rd. onto an unmarked gravel drive and into the lot. There should be flag people waving you in. The map shows Barlowe Rd running straight into the lot. This is incorrect. There are also a number of other cash parking choices. Prices for other private lots range from $10 to $35. See the cash parking thread here.  There is also convenient cash parking at the Jericho Church accessed by Arena Dr.  The cost is $35-$40.

Handicapped Parking - To use one of FedExField's handicapped parking areas, you must have a state, city, or county government issued handicap parking permit. You must also have a regular parking pass of any color. Provided you have those two items, handicapped parking is available, but where you park depends on the color of your parking pass. With a Platinum, Purple, Orange, or Green pass, handicapped parking is available at the curb adjacent to the stadium (see map), provided you also have a state or city or county government issued handicap parking permit. If you have a grey pass, handicapped parking is available near the corner of Brightseat Rd. and Sheriff Rd. A shuttle bus will take you to the stadium. To be clear, you must have a government issued handicapped pass and any stadium parking pass to park in any handicap lot. There is no team-issued parking pass for any handicapped lot. The handicapped spaces are limited and are available on a first-come, first served basis.

RV Parking - These special RV parking passes are sold by the team for $1000 for the season. RVs must park in the RV lot (see burgundy colored lot in map below). These are pretty much impossible to find on the aftermarket. But that doesn't matter because there is a FedExField employee selling these for $100 cash on game day at the Redskins Rd. entrance.  Bear right as you approach the stadium. 


All colored parking (except probably burgundy/RV) passes can be purchased via various online sites. The market cost for a green pass generally runs $29 - $80 each depending on the timing of the purchase and the particular game. Orange, Purple, and Platinum are more. Pre-season games are available for significantly less.


Covered Parking - It used to be that very few people enjoyed covered parking at FedExField. Unless you were parking underneath the stadium with Dan, you were outside in the rain. Not anymore! The team has installed huge rectangular solar panels over the Platinum A lot which act as oversized roofs for the lucky tailgaters in that lot. No more rainy tailgates at FedExField (at least not in Platinum Lot A)!

Electric Car Recharging - Don't you hate it when you're parked at the game, and then come out after the big win only to find your cell is too weak to turn the engine? No worries! The team, with NRG Energy, has installed ten electric car charging stations just in time for the 2011 season. Eight of them are located at the curb in Purple Lot G and two more are at the curb in Platinum Lot A.

Overnight Parking - According to the ticket office who answered a question about this over the phone, technically you are not supposed to leave your vehicle overnight, but (presumably in the interest of keeping intoxicated drivers off the road) that policy is not enforced. He said your vehicle will not be towed as long as it's not left there for "days on end."

Metrorail Option - You can see the nearest metro station - Morgan Blvd - on the map above just south of the stadium. It's a one mile walk to/from the stadium. During night games, the Morgan Blvd Metro station will stay open late to accommodate fans. Check to see when the last train is scheduled to leave the Morgan Blvd station here.

New Tailgating Policies

For fans who arrive up to a half hour prior to kickoff or earlier:

Fans who are satisfied with parking in one space and tailgating immediately behind or in front of their vehicle may park anywhere they wish within their proper colored / lettered lot. Fans who would like to spread out while tailgating will now be permitted to take two parking spaces temporarily, until the space is needed by later arriving fans. However, these fans must park in the outer few rows of any given non-platinum lot. They may choose where to park, provided it is in the last few rows. Two-space tailgaters are not permitted for those with Platinum passes, even in the back rows.


For fans who arrive within a half hour prior to kickoff or later:

Fans who arrive within a half hour of kickoff may not be able to park in their designated lot.   Fans may be directed by the parking staff to park in a specific space of the parking staff's choosing. The parking staff will fill the empty spaces in the front-most rows of a given lot first, then the second rows, the third rows, etc.



Extended Tailgating

Three times during the 2010 season prior to night games, lots opened significantly earlier than the normal time. This was unprecedented - it had never happened before in FedExField history. Twice the lots opened at 12 noon, and in addition, as a special amenity, four enormous screens were placed in various spots in the parking lots surrounding the stadium, allowing fans to watch the 1 PM and 4 PM games. One additional time, the lots opened at 2 PM for an 8:30 kickoff. Fans loved the extra tailgating time, and we all hope for more extended tailgates in the future!


The AAA Ultimate Fan Zone (previously known as The Tailgate Club) - Starting in 2010, Famous Dave's is hosting the All-You-Can-Eat feast within the AAA Ultimate Fan Zone. This is presumed to be a major upgrade. The zone is open starting three hours before kickoff until kickoff. The Zone will re-open at halftime and stay open through the third quarter, meaning a AAA Ultimate Fan Zone member may come and eat to his content for no extra charge, and drink alcohol at reduced rates during this period.



Note: Pork ribs are not served each game. In 2010, they were served five times out of ten.


The Zone includes dancing cheerleaders, the Redskins Marching Band, the opportunity to acquire free signatures from at least two former superbowl players, and various activities such as a small kicking and passing game and a room full of arcade games, all available to play for no extra charge.


Get an up-to-the-minute update on what is being served, what Superbowl Champion player will be present on a particular game day, etc., by clicking here.

New membership into what used to be called The Tailgate Club is currently being offered with the initiation fee at half price. The memberships can also be purchased directly from previous Tailgate Club members, and the transfer of season ticket rights is permitted. The Tailgate Club was initially designed to provide season ticket holders sitting in the upper level the opportunity to purchase tickets in the more popular lower level. It's also a quick means for non-season ticket holders to become season ticket holders in the general area without subscribing to the wait list. A one-time $1,750 per seat initiation fee (currently offered at half price) was required to join the Tailgate Club. Membership included a contract requiring you to purchase Tailgate Club Passes each year along with the lower level tickets which you must also purchase each year. The location of Tailgate Club seats generally starts in the endzone area of the lower level. It is possible to have your seats upgraded to sidelines seats at around the goal line or 10 yard line, but it's my understanding that these upgrades take many years and are difficult to achieve. However, it has been reported that new contract holders may be able to acquire sidelines seats in 2010, perhaps as close to mid-field as section 123. Tailgate Club Passes alone for 2010 are $624.75 for a sheet of ten, and the price increases by 5% each year. They include pre-game and 3rd quarter entry into the AUF Zone, and also post-game access to the club level which stays open for two hours after the end of the game. Green parking is also available for $350. Unlike generic season ticket accounts, the AAA Ultimate Fan Zone membership is fully transferable, meaning you will be permitted to sell your membership (which includes lower level ticket rights and parking) in the future, allowing you to recoup most, all, or perhaps more than your initiation fee. You can find out more about the Tailgate club here. The "Terms and Conditions" of Tailgate Club Membership as of 2008 are here.

If you are not a member of the tailgate club and you would like to acquire passes, you can find them on the aftermarket. Starting in 2010, they've also been available at the ticket office window on game day, provided the fan buying them has a AAA card proving he or a family member is an American Automobile Association member. Apparently, it is not necessary to be a season ticket holder. Prices have been as low as $37.50 each as a 50% discount special, although this price may vary, and may possibly be as high as $75 each. Supply is limited.

The Ultimate Fan Package is new for 2009. It is designed for current season ticket holders and does not include game tickets. It offers Tailgate Club Passes for $499 each, and one pre-game field pass for "free." It may also include a free club level ticket to an upcoming FedExField non-Redskins event. This package may have been discontinued for 2010.

The Club Level Pass Package is $595* and is new as of 2008 (not sure if this is being continued in 2009/2010). The package includes a sheet of ten Tailgate Club Passes, and also a sheet of ten Club Level passes which allow entry to the Club Level before, during, and after the game. According to redskins.com, this package is available only to premium season ticket holders. It's not clear what advantage a premium seat holder has in gaining access to the club level since they already have access to the club level, unless the access passes are meant for guests who have non-premium game tickets.

click above for larger interactive map


2015 Club Level contracts are available to the general public, and listed contract prices vary depending on location. They are $6.200 each for the twelve sections closest to the 50 yard line called Zone A (the red sections above), $4,800 each for the eight sidelines sections closest to the goal line known as Zone B (the blue sections above), and $3,700 each for the 22 sections in the corners and endzone called Zone D (the gold sections above). Add $131.70 PG County Amusement Tax to each seat per season. Prices include a multi-year legal contract. Fans who have purchased these contracts in the past may be paying less, depending on what year their contract started. Current contracts include an escalation clause of 3%-6% per year depending on the length of the contract. New prospective buyers should know: starting in 2009, premium seat buyers have a good chance of acquiring a substantially discounted (i.e. ~50% less) price and a shorter contract term via negotiation. Know that when you are told the terms within the contract are not negotiable, they are probably negotiable. Read the language of the contract carefully, and if you don't like something, you can probably have it changed, even if it requires walking away - because the team will most likely call you back within a week. Despite what is advertised on redskins.com, the club seats are NOT wider than other stadium seats - they are the same seats as found elsewhere in the stadium, although there is more leg room. Some of the seats are cushioned if purchased that way by the prior account holder. All the seats include a drink holder. The Club includes a climate controlled atrium circling the entire field with various restaurants, bars, and lounges available.

Hint: One of the nice unadvertised amenities of a Club Level ticket holder is the opportunity to walk down to the field level seats in the lower 100 level area before the game because your club level ticket provides you with carte blanch access to the lower level before the game. If you enter the stadium early, simply show your ticket to one of the 100 level attendants, and walk down to the 100 level lower rows to watch the team warm up real close and personal prior to kickoff.

There are various small restaurants in the Club, such as ESPN Zone, Phillips Seafood, and Hooters.


There are HD TVs peppered throughout the area showing the live current game. Some have other NFL games on as well.



The Montecristo Club Cigar bar is NFL Nirvana with over a dozen TVs and four large screens showing four different games. On Sundays, you can watch every NFL game at once by simply turning your head. Unfortunately, alcohol is not currently served due to a recently enacted PG County law, although drinks can be carried in. There is a rumor this law may be modified at some point.


A club ticket holder may enjoy carte blanch access to the lower level seating area prior to the game (for a close-up view of the players warming up) and an escalator to the club level. Orange Club parking is also available for $350. The Club includes a menu and wait staff which will serve food and drinks to club members at their seat within the bowl during the game. You can read more here: http://www.redskins.com/gen/premiumtickets.jsp


The Club Standing Room Only (SRO) area, also known as the Party Deck Area. Starting in 2010, there are no longer seats in the endzones of the club. Those areas are now standing room "party deck" areas. This area is in the top ten rows of the club level in the endzone and the corners. They include rows 10 - 19. However, they are actually only FIVE rows. That is, there are five level tiers to stand in, and each tier includes two rows, one in front and one in back. The rows in front include railings and granite table top ledges to lean on and hold your drink/food. However, the back row of each tier include nothing. This means, if you have a ticket for a space in, say, row 11, you are slotted to stand in that row, behind the people standing in row 10. You have no railing, no ledge, and no advantage of seeing over the people in front of you, because they are standing on the same plane you are. So basically, your view of the field, and even the HD tron, will likely be blocked by those standing front of you. If there happens to be a space in front of you (meaning that ticket wasn't sold or that person didn't show), then you can stand in that spot at the rail. Otherwise, you are stuck standing behind a row of fans. Therefore, if you are buying SRO tickets, you should try very hard to buy in an EVEN numbered row, and you should do everything you can to avoid an odd numbered row.

Hint:   ...AVOID buying SROs in odd numbered rows...

The decks at the rail are aluminum, meaning they will make noise when stomped on. It's my understanding that this standing room only (SRO) area is being sold by the team as tickets at around $150 each - available on Stubhub, and at the ticket window on game day. But often, you can find them cheaper on Stubhub as kickoff approaches. These are not available to be purchased as season tickets. The last row of the SRO area, which is under cover, is not available to general SRO ticket holders. That last two rows are guarded by FedExField employees for reasons unknown, and always seems to be empty. There is no price printed on the tickets, but the tickets do allow entry into the stadium and club area without any other game ticket needed. If you are behind the goal posts, the nearest goal line and endzone are obstructed due to the top of the HD screen - but the corner areas have a clear view. There is a bit of a walk to the urinals from behind the goal posts since the bathrooms are on the concourse sidelines.

Hint:   ...rows 16 and above in the SRO sections numbered 306-316 are COVERED due to the West Loge balcony extending overhead...

Photo below taken from Rows 14-15 in the East party deck area:



Making Noise in SRO

Some fans have been so loud in this area, the team has had to make rules. Here are the official noise making policies for SRO.

  • The metal plates in the SRO section are not meant to be banged on. However, fans may be permitted to use their hands to bang on them within limits, but they will not be permitted to use aluminum beer bottles, feet, or any other objects. Damaging the plates or hitting them so that the may become loose is a hazard for everyone.
  • Regarding the use of hands for banging the plates, it will be a judgment call by the ushers as to what constitutes "too much." Obviously, if you are disrupting the enjoyment of the game for fans around you, or you are damaging or potentially damaging the plates in some way, your actions will warrant a "warning." At this time, an usher or security may write a "W" on your game ticket.
  • If security or another usher comes along to warn you again and sees the "W" on your ticket indicating you've already been warned, you will be escorted out of the stadium.

2015 Dream Seats also known as Field Level Club Seats are $6,000* each for a sheet of ten, plus $131.70 PG County Amusement Tax. Dream seats include the two or three closest rows that ring around the field.


The endzone seats have the distinction of being the closest seats to the playing field of any seats in any stadium in the entire National Football League. Dream seats include unlimited free hot dogs and non-alcohol drinks delivered to your seats during the game. They include full Club Level access and Loge access. Purple parking is also available for $350. 

Below is 'Tana's version of the FedExField Leap...


Sometimes, you can get a sig:


Also, DeAngelo Hall has been known to ask for a hot dog.


Hint:   These seats were not in the original design plans of the stadium. Subsequently, they are too low to the ground, meaning the view of the field from these seats may be blocked by personnel standing on the sidelines. Fans will likely make heavy use of the HD Tron during the game.

2015 Loge Seats NOTE: Loge seating has undergone changes since 2011 and it's not clear if new Loge seats are being offered. But the following is what we knew from 2011: Loge tickets are $5,900* each for a sheet of ten, plus $131.70 PG County Amusement Tax. However, due to the present state of the team and economy, a cheaper price can be negotiated. Read the Club level listing above for more info. This area was originally planned to be executive suites, but were changed to loge seats, giving individuals an opportunity to get a taste of what a suite is like. They are in the Upper Suite Level in both endzones from front corner to front corner.

Access to the either Loge can be achieved by walking up the ramps, using any escalator, or using the elevators. If you use the outside escalator, you must get off at the half way point, show your ticket, and enter the ramp area.


Hint:  If it is close to kickoff, the length of the line to access the elevators and escalators can be considerable. You may also use either of the two staircases near Gate A and E which will give you access to the Upper Suite Level (Loge level) in less than a minute. The doors leading to these staircases are located behind the escalators just to the left of the escalator entrance. Show your Loge ticket to the attendant to access either staircase.

Here are various views of the loge in the west endzone which includes a balcony:


There are plenty of televisions mounted up high:


Because of the extended balcony in the west loge, if you sit in row 1 during a blowing rain storm, there is a risk you will get wet. Although the row is protected by the upper deck overhang, rain could make its way in if it's windy. However, you can temporarily relocate because there are usually empty seats to be found in the rows behind you.

The common area within all the loges is open, meaning one can move freely between the loges. The area is climate-controlled, although the windows are open. In fact, there are no windows. The entire frame where the windows used to be is wide open. The west endzone Loge has a balcony, and a total of six rows. The east endzone Loge has no balcony, and a total of four rows. If you are sitting on the balcony in a blowing rain storm, it's possible you will get wet, although you have cover from the upper deck overhang. The seats are cushioned and theater style. Each row has a table top ledge in front of it except the third row from the top, which has nothing at all.


In my opinion, the table top ledge is a nice amenity since it's wide enough to place your food and drinks. If this is important to you, avoid Row 2 in the East Loge and avoid Row 4 in the West Loge. The last row has cushioned high bar-stool style seats with low back rests rather than theater style seats. Loge Seats include full Club level access. They also include lower level bowl access before the game.

The loge concourse behind the seats:


New contract holders will enjoy "Loge Buffet Passes" at no extra charge which, like AAA Ultimate Fan Club passes, will allow free unlimited use of a buffet in the Loge throughout the game, catered by Ridgewell's of Bethesda (alcohol not included). If you have loge passes and don't have buffet passes, these can be purchased on game day within the Loge for $30 each. Purple parking for the season is also available for $350.


*source: redskins.com

Touchdown Club members may pick any pair of available non-premium seats in the stadium they wish, with an emphasis on the higher rows of the 100 level and the lower rows of the 200 level on the visiting side between the 30s. There are a host of amenities with the TD club including pre-game field passes, free travel and hotel accommodations with the Redskins for one away game, club level access, loge access, Purple (VIP) parking, TD club pavilion access and meal, open (no charge) premium bar available before and during the game, superbowl ticket purchase opportunity (if Redskins play), etc. I believe the current fee is around $20,000 per year for two. The tax will be $131.70 per seat.

Below is a photo from within the Touchdown Club pavilion:


Redskins alumni frequent the Touchdown Club. Here, Gary Clark, wearing an ExtremeSkins ball cap, signs an autograph for TD Club members:


One of the amenities is a chartered flight and hotel stay with the team to an away game.


Here DeAngelo Hall signs a ball cap for a TD Club member during a flight to Dallas:


Executive Suites are leased under legal contract for a number of years. I have no hard info on current prices, but I know prices in 1996-1997 were $59,950 for an endzone suite and $159,950 for 50 yard line suites. Prices in the Club and elsewhere in the stadium have generally more than doubled since, and I have heard verbally that suites close to the 50 yard line are "$325,000" each, and suites closer to the endzone are "$100,000" each.



Suites generally include 12 game tickets and four complementary purple parking passes and several guest passes, but this depends on the size of the suite. There will be a PG County Amusement tax of $131.70 on each game ticket. A Suite is furnished, but may be decorated to personal taste, including carpeting and wall paper. Decorating costs may be reimbursed. Suites include using the exclusive Suite entrance to the stadium and elevator access, private bathrooms, a private phone, a color TV, and a fully equipped bar with refrigerator and sink. Windows are cantilevered glass panels that swing up, out, and away to help capture a full game experience. Full catering services are available by R&R Catering. The caterer can be contacted within the stadium on game day by calling 301-276-6848. I don't have an image of the current Suite menu, but to get an idea of variety and prices, here is the one available when Ridgewell's did the catering:


Note: Ridgewell's lost the contract for the 2009 season. R&R Catering is currently doing the catering.

Owners Club is located in the back of row 6 of the 200 level on the home side of the field. It is a super-prestigeous area of the stadium which includes pool tables, a bar, lounges, a fireplace, a gourmet buffet, and suites, with flat-screen HD TVs everywhere - even at the urinals.





These suites are significantly closer to the field than the Executive Suites. I've been told verbally that one particular double-wide suite at about the 10 yard line, seating 18 people, runs $350,000 per year, for a multi-year contract.



Unofficial Policy On Standing - Many fans love to stand due to the excitement of the game.  The team does not have an official policy on standing in front of your seat, but the following is what I've learned through experience of seeing others reprimanded for standing.  Standing is permitted provided it doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of the game for those behind you.  For example, if there is an exciting play, you may jump to your feet and watch the play.  Or if those in front of you are standing, you may stand.  However, you may not stand just because "you want to."  If you are asked to sit by fans because you are blocking the view of those behing you, and you refuse to sit, you may be reported to FedExField staff.  A staff member will come to your seat and will ask you to sit.  You must show your ticket, and the staff will write a "W" on the face of the ticket (for Warning).  If you still refuse to sit, a PG county police officer will come to your aisle, motion you over to him, and warn you to sit, or be led out of the Stadium.  If you continue to stand, you will then be escorted out of the Stadium.


Fifth Quarter Party (for premium seat ticket holders) - All Premium seating includes access to the Redskins "5th Quarter Party" in the club near the Section 133 concourse. It includes a live rock band and dancing cheerleaders, and it has become very popular. All restaurants in the Club stay open for two hours after the game. The Humidor is also open for two hours post-game, and will show all the late games being played in the league.





Fifth Quarter Party (for the rest of us) One of the really cool, unadvertised special events of every home game is the playing of the percussion section of the Washington Redskins Marching Band in the lower level concourse behind the west endzone. This is loads of fun to watch, they play for a good 20-30 minutes, and they are really good! This is a good chance to catch some of the local flavor of Washington D.C., and if you're from out of town, this is a must-see. This is worth going out of your way for, so the next time you go to a game, make your way down to the lower level behind section 110 and check this out!


Note: Sometimes after a big win, the band will be called to play somewhere and they won't play behind section 110.

FedExField Walking Distance Trivia*

  • If you walk from the ring road curb, to the nearest gate, to the nearest ramp entrance, up all seven ramps, to the upper level concourse, you will have walked one-half mile.
  • If you walk a loop around the club level atrium, you will have walked just over 4/10ths of a mile.
  • It is exactly a one mile walk from the Morgan Blvd metro station platform to Gate A.
  • It is just shy of a one-and-a-half mile walk from the Morgan Blvd metro station platform to the ExtremeSkins Tailgate at Green lot E43 (assuming you know exactly where you're going).
  • It is a 3/4ths of a mile walk from the middle of the Copper lot to Gate D or E.
  • It is 8/10ths of a mile walk from the middle of the Gray lot to Gate D or E. But it's .65 of a mile walk if you cut through the woods and creek (not recommended).
  • It is a 4/10ths of a mile walk from the middle of the nearest cash lot (the red church lot) to Gate G.
  • It is a 1.5 mile walk from the Largo Town Center Metro down Arena Dr to Gate F or G.
  • It is about a half mile walk from the Green Overflow lot at the PG Sports Complex, up towards the outer green D lot, to Redskins Rd, and to Gate D. It's about six tenths of a mile if you walk the other way across the Green B lot to Hill Oaks Rd. and to Gate A.

*(courtesy of google maps technology, http://walking.about.com/library/walk/blgooglemap1.htm)

After-Market Ticket Purchase Warnings

Recent advanced technology has made ticket purchasing more efficient than ever, but it's also opened the door to scoundrels and cheats. Now, more than ever, it is wise to purchase your tickets from a reputable source.

Season Tickets- Purchasing season tickets on a site such as eBay can be risky. You might think your payment is covered through eBay's Buyer Protection, but the problem is, the Redskins don't print and mail out season tickets until late July or early August. So if you purchase before then (e.g. March) and you don't receive your tickets, chances are the 45-day window for filing a claim with eBay or Paypal will have closed. You should take appropriate precautions before making season ticket purchases.

Hijacked eBay accounts- An eBay auction from a reputable seller with a long history of good feedback does not guarantee an honest deal. Some hijackers have software that randomly attempts log-ins to known ebay accounts by using common passwords (e.g. abcd1234). Once they gain access to an account, they will use the account to sell a product or event tickets to an unwary buyer. The listing will appear to be totally legitimate since the seller may very well have excellent feedback over a period of years and the listing includes Paypal Buyer Protection. The tip-off that something is not up to snuff is when the seller wants to be paid by cash money wired by Western Union or a money order, even after they advertise in the listing that they accept paypal. The problem is so rampant that eBay won't allow a seller to list a product that has the words "Western Union" anywhere in the listing. Because of this, hijackers will ask you to email them for details. In their responding email, they will insist on a Western Union payment. Avoid these sellers.

Scammers- Always check specific feedback details of a seller before bidding a large amount. A scammer will set up a legitimate eBay account in advance, and then make a dozen or so very small purchases in a short amount of time to provide him with an "excellent" feedback rating. Then, armed with an excellent 100% feedback rating, he'll sell you season tickets for several thousand dollars. He'll even accept paypal. Everything will appear legit since he has good feedback and he does, in fact, accept paypal. After you win and pay him with paypal and patiently wait for the shipment, he'll transfer your cash out of his paypal account and vanish. Because he's a new seller with low feedback, your paypal payment will not be covered by Paypal's Buyer Protection. Other than the $225 maximum eBay refund guarantee, you'll be left empty handed without recourse, even if you used your credit card to make the paypal payment.

If you have any reservations at all, offer to meet the seller in person and offer cash. A scammer will always have some reason why he won't be able to meet you. Otherwise, look for this in the upper right area of the eBay listing:


Even if your item is more than the maximum amount covered, the fact that paypal insures a large amount of the payment is evidence that the seller is legit, and not a hijacker or scammer.

Counterfeit tickets - Counterfeit tickets have suddenly surfaced and have been a problem during the latter half of the 2008 season, and they've also shown up in the 2010 season opener vs the Cowboys (see the third comment here). Here is a thread discussing fake tickets in 2012. They are being sold in the lot before the game (and sometimes on craigslist) - probably by one or two particularly unscrupulous individuals posing as a scalper. These tickets look legitimate, even to some of the more seasoned fans. Be wary of tickets you buy in the lot or craigslist - especially tickets for seats between the 20s in the lower level or club level.

Scanned Ticket Issues - As of 2009, the bar codes on all tickets are scanned at the gate. This presents a new problem for after-market buyers, because if a legitimate ticket is copied and reproduced as a counterfeit, the counterfeit ticket's bar code can be scanned to gain entry when the gates open, rendering the legitimate ticket worthless. Another example, if a season ticket holder allows the team to finance his season tickets, then stops paying mid-season, the bar code of the tickets he has in hand will be "turned off" by the team. An unscrupulous seller could still sell the worthless tickets to an unwary buyer. Another example, a season ticket holder sells his ticket as an eTicket PDF over the internet rendering his hard ticket worthless. An unscrupulous seller can then sell the hard ticket again to an unwary buyer. Another example, an unscrupulous person will make a copy of a legitimate ticket from the nose bleeds, but change the section number, and then sell it on craigslist or in the lot, so after the victim buys, the bar code scan will work fine, and the victim will think he's sitting lower level midfield, but when he gets to what he thought were his seats, he'll find the season ticket holder sitting in them. Because of these things, it would be wise to purchase your tickets from a reputable source. If you buy on Stubhub, be sure to bring your receipt to the game, as Stubhub may be able to help you if you are denied entry or denied your seats. The Stubhub window is between Gates D and E.

Verify Your Tickets - Have a ticket you suspect might be illegitimate? Some counterfeiters will make up fake tickets with fake bar codes which will not get you into the Stadium. Others will manufacture a ticket by taking a good bar code from a cheap unfavorable seat, but changing the seat's section and row number so that the ticket appears to be for a better, more favorable seat. The ticket will get you into the Stadium, but somebody will be sitting in what you thought was your seat. You can test your suspicious ticket by logging onto www.ticketexchangebyticketmaster.com. Pretend to sell your ticket. Type in the bar code number when prompted. The site will check your number with its database and then give you the section, row, and seat number matching the bar code. If the seat location matches your ticket, you're in reasonably good shape, provided multiple copies weren't made and sold to others. If the bar code number isn't in the database, you'll get an error message which indicates your ticket is a fake.

Disclaimer: I believe the information in this post is true and accurate at the time of writing; however, I give no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or applicability of any of the content. The above photos were copied from various open internet sites including this site.

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The seller has confirmed with me what I suspected. The seats are "Obstructed View." I guess he just forgot to mention that in his listing. I feel sorry for the winner of this auction.

At least he confirmed it. The funny thing is I too asked him this Question. Most people know or who are spending that much money should know these seats are obstructed. Isn't the whole 200 level?

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At least he confirmed it. The funny thing is I too asked him this Question. Most people know or who are spending that much money should know these seats are obstructed. Isn't the whole 200 level?

Just the last 10 or so rows of the 200's are obstructed. Front 10 rows of 200 are the best seats in the house, I think.

I went to a game in the back rows of the 200 and it was fun, but not as fun haha.

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Here's another auction where something doesn't jive.


It's impossible to sit in Section 221, Row 17, on the 43 yard line, and not have a pillar in front of you, because I know for a fact there is a huge pillar exactly on the 43 yard line. I even have a photo of it. Also, the photo in his listing is misleading. His photo is from section 121, but his seats are deep within the cave of 221. The fact is, from his seats, you can't see any lights or even any part of the upper deck, or even the club section, because of the overhang. He seems to be a reputable seller. So, I assume he is mistaken regarding the alignment with the yard lines.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This guy is selling tickets in 404, but he cleverly uses a photo from 403, fooling the bidder into thinking his seats are 10 yards closer to midfield:


This other guy wants you to think you're bidding on 40 yard line seats, but the fact is, section 425 is aligned with the ten yard line, not the forty, and if you're in the upper rows, it's possible to be sitting on the goal line. And he shrewdly omits the stadium map link. What a guy!


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What about all of the people selling the rights to their Tailgate Club memberships on Ebay? They all claim that they are 100% transferrable to anyone and they will make arrangement thru the Skins for a transfer. I read the fine print and the Skins say you must have prior written approval to transfer them and it must be done in accordance with the transfer rules of general admission tickets...which state that you can only transfer to a family member. What gives?

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What about all of the people selling the rights to their Tailgate Club memberships on Ebay? They all claim that they are 100% transferrable to anyone and they will make arrangement thru the Skins for a transfer. I read the fine print and the Skins say you must have prior written approval to transfer them and it must be done in accordance with the transfer rules of general admission tickets...which state that you can only transfer to a family member. What gives?

What gives is that you should be very very cautious when buying anything on eBay. There are a lot of schisters pawning off their undesirable stuff. Most of the time they are misrepresenting what they are selling or leave out damming facts like there is a terrible dirty sock smell emitting from the A/C of the minivan you are bidding on or say that the phone that you are bidding on comes with the phone and base only just to find out that the A/C adapter and battery are not included.

I have had mostly positive experiences on eBay but it took a couple of negative experiences like this to realize that not everyone plays by the same playbook as I do. It is unfortuate.

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Mark you are on the case. Thanks for the informative posts concerning the seating. I am working a deal with a close friend of mine for some "Obstructed View" seats. We are discussing me purchasing half the season with the parking pass for face value. He insists that there is a great chance that the seats will be upgraded but he will not know for sure until mid summer.

He has been clear that a pillar blocks some 15 yards of view, so I know what I am getting into. The price is right and it is a good way to lock up half the season early, after all, can you put a price on a good Redskin Tailgate?

When I have the exact Section, Row and seat number I will PM you if you dont mind and get your input on these seats specifically.

Thanks. See you for the Jets game.:cheers:

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I've been to FedEx 4 or 5 times and I'm always in the nosebleed. What exactly is blocking your view in the obstructed view section? Everything seems to be open from what I could tell.

you can't see the obstructued view seats from the 400s

they are underneath the overhang, behind some pillars

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Im looking to travel down from Massachusetts for a game this year.

I really dont know the stadium at all.

To be safe, would it just be easier to buy seats in the 400 sections? As long as I can see the whole field, I dont care how far back I am.

Yes, RF72 any seat in the 400 section is upper deck and unobstructed (unless the guy in front of you is 7' tall and stands the whole game). I have season tickets in the upper level and am wary of upgrading, given the possibility of getting "upgraded" to obstructed view seats. I also like the bird's eye view of the game.

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Yes, RF72 any seat in the 400 section is upper deck and unobstructed (unless the guy in front of you is 7' tall and stands the whole game). I have season tickets in the upper level and am wary of upgrading, given the possibility of getting "upgraded" to obstructed view seats. I also like the bird's eye view of the game.

Thanks for the info :cheers:

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Im looking to travel down from Massachusetts for a game this year.

I really dont know the stadium at all.

To be safe, would it just be easier to buy seats in the 400 sections? As long as I can see the whole field, I dont care how far back I am.

In the 400 sections, not only will you see the whole field, but also the entire eastern seaboard and if you look down and to the left, you will see helicopters buzzing about.


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You also have to watch this one guy who says he is from UK. He says he is selling them for his boss. $1000 for 4 club seat level. He didn't realize he was being dumb and said the payment would be done through an escrow. His problem with the escrow scenerio is legit escrow companies say that the money is in a seperate account until the buyer gets the item and notify' them that it is what it is. He said all of this in his advertisement. The only thing is I thought about it and the Redskins don't release any tickets until the end of July. I called Redskins to verify that there wasn't certain corporate tickets that got released early. They indicated nobody gets tickets until late July. Everybody need be aware of this. I almost fell for thinking I was getting a lifetime deal and was anxious as I don't know.

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I've bought upper level tickets on eBay 3 times and never been burned. But I always ignore the marketing BS and look at the seat numbers. Then I check out the stadium seating chart which along with my knowledge of having been there a few times keeps me from buying something I don't really want. Also I try to buy directly from individuals not the ticket brokers. If you look at a sellers reputation and listings you can tell if they are a broker. You'll get a better deal from an individual most of the time.

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