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yeah i also love dumb jokes

what did the fish say when it hit the wall? DAM!

how did the elephant get out of the lake? Wet.

How did the girl fall of the swing? She had no arms.

How did the boy die? The elephant threw a piano on him.

and yes, i know, they are horribly corny. and i love them.

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A man walks in to a bar and sits down at the bar, the bartender says what will it be bud, so as hes getting his drink he notices the man puts a brown paper sack on top of the bar.

So the bartender is just drying of glasses when he notices the guy reaches into his sack and pulls out a 12 inch man. The bartender is blown away and is like "whoa" hey man where did you get that little man at that's awesome. but the guy just reaches into his paper bag and pulls out a tiny grand piano, then bench.

Then the 12 inch man proceeds to sit down and play a beautiful piece of mozart.

The bartender is stunned! omg were did you get this its amazing you could be rich ya know.. So the guy just reaches into the sack and pulls out a genie lamp and lays it on the bar.

The bartender picks it up and (POOF) a magic genie appears and says you can have 1 wish and 1 wish only.. the bartender get real excited and says ok i wish for 1 million bucks. (POOF) your wish is granted..

30 seconds go by and a duck flys through the front door proceeded by another and another and another until they are pouring into the bar, now the bar is so jammed with ducks the bartender is getting mad and looks at the guy at the bar and says..

Look bud there is something wrong with your genie whats his problem is he deaf or something? i didn't ask for 1 million ducks i asked for 1 million bucks!

The man just looks at the bartender and says, (Tell me about it, do you really think i wished for a 12 inch pianist!)

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Why did I just know it would come to this? :laugh:

You need to start categories, you know, a _____ walks into a bar, there was a ____, a _____ and an _____ on a boat, etc.....

The jokes that I know that always make me laugh and show what a sick bastige I truly am couldn't be posted, I've trying to figure out how to say 'em but I just can't.

Some are just dumb but never lose their appeal....like the baby seal goes into the bar, the bartender asks "what'll ya have" and the seal says "Anything except Canadian Club", you get my drift. Funny frequently = stupid, but still stays funny.

Keep 'em coming though, this sure beats another political argument

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