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CPD: Art Monk tidbit


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Hey, Tony!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Q: Hey, Tony: A few weeks ago you mentioned that you were keeping an open mind regarding former Washington Redskins receiver Art Monk and the other Hall of Fame candidates. How did you end up voting on Monk? - Ted Jou, Charlottesville, Va.

A: Hey, Ted: I listened in tently and simply could not put Monk into the final six of an extremely strong class. Having participated in the debate on Monk for years, I feel he is destined to make it - possibly next year. I actually think Russ Grimm may be the better candidate from those great Redskins teams.

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Another writer who needs to punch himself in the temple until he goes to a peaceful, long sleep.

Though, I agree that Grimm may the better candidate to get in. This is only because the hype and hoopla surrounding Monk may have given such a negative atmosphere to his consideration that Grimm's quiet consideration may lead to a more smooth acceptance. That in no way should be taken to infer that Grimm is better than Monk, or that Monk is better than Grimm. It's just that the arguement over Grimm may not be as heated or personal, and might make it easier for him to get voted in.

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I'd really like to know who he listened "in tently" to. I wonder if the discussion was pro or against Monk.

I'm encouraged that he thinks Monk is "destined" to be in, but for that to happen, they actually have to vote FOR him!



Remember it took many years to get in the great Pittsburg WR's in, it is going to take time for Monk but he will get in. This year's class was just so stacked.

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How much time do you have to get into the hall after you retire? Is there a maximum amount of times you can get on the ballot and then that's it? What's the procedure?

I believe that there's no upper limit on the number of times you can be considered or balloted. To get balloted, a writer has to forward you for consideration, and you have to start making the cut that way. Basically, when people stop fighting for you, your ballot days are over. But there's no set limit on the number of times you can be considered.

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