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Jerry Jones thinks new CBA agreement will get done

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Good news. With the Redskins staring at a cap and roster problem if the new CBA agreement doesn't get done, I thought this was important enough to warrrant a new thread. Because Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder have previously been lumped together as one of the 9 teams possibly blocking a new CBA agreement and opting for an uncapped year in 2007. If Jerry Jones thinks it will get done, then more then likely it will. :D

There are a lot of good players now on the street and if the CBA agreement passes and the cap is $104 million, the Skins will be able to go after some pretty good players. :D

-- Jerry Jones Believes a New CBA Will Get Done --

Sun Feb 26, 2006 --from FFMastermind.com

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is optimistic that a new collective bargaining agreement can be reached by Wednesday's deadline. "There is no internal issue in the NFL, none that would have prevented us from having a deal done this weekend," Jones said Saturday. "It's between the league and the players association." A day after NFL Players Association president Gene Upshaw told agents that a deal would not likely get done, Jones said major progress has been made. "We have put major increases in the deal," Jones said. "It should get it done."

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Jones denies obstructionist role


Star-Telegram Staff Writer - Feb 26, 2006

INDIANAPOLIS - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he is not to blame for the inability of the NFL and NFL Players Association to reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. And any characterizations to the contrary are ridiculous, he said. "I think that's similar to losing a ballgame and somebody pointing the finger at one player in a ballgame and saying that's why we lost it," Jones said. "We know that's ridiculous."

Maybe so.

But that is the picture that has been painted by NFLPA director Gene Upshaw, who departed a week of negotiations with Jones and the NFL on Friday very pessimistic about reaching a new deal before free agency starts Friday. "March 3 will be the beginning of a new league year, and we are just not there yet," Upshaw told a group of agents Friday. "I'm taking the position now that it won't get done."

Upshaw blames division among the owners over revenue sharing as one of the holdups.Because the Cowboys are considered one of the nine high-revenue teams that don't want to expand the revenue-sharing system any more than it already is, Jones has been labeled as the ring leader.

Jones disagrees, saying "there are no internal issues in the NFL" and calls the accusations "an excuse" for not getting a deal done. "The higher revenue clubs are in complete agreement that during the term of this CBA that if a club needs money we'll give it to them," Jones said. "There are not competitive balance issues, and there haven't been. There's 100 percent agreement."

Moreover, Jones believes there's no reason why a deal should not have already been done. He said enough major increases have been inserted in the deal to get it done and characterized the current stalemate as "careless."

"It's been my experience that when you get a deal that works between both negotiating parties, that it's real risky if not careless to not go ahead and do it." Jones said. "So I'm concerned. When you get down to that point, you're out there without a net. Something could go haywire, and you could not get a deal."

The current deal expires following the 2007 season. But because 2007 is an uncapped year, not getting a new deal done before Friday will affect the way teams approach free agency and structure contracts. "It totally changes our strategy for the short term and the long term," Jones said.

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From the Miami Hearald


NDIANAPOLIS - An extension of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement could mean the difference between the Dolphins acquiring Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley or settling for an aging star such as Kevin Mawae.

And like many teams this week at the NFL scouting combine, the Dolphins closely monitored the talks over an extension of the collective bargaining agreement (the deadline to complete a deal is Thursday, and no progress has been reported).

The Dolphins are among a group of teams who would be seriously affected if an extension is done or not, which is one reason coach Nick Saban attended league commissioner Paul Tagliabue's luncheon here Friday.

''There are issues to be worked out,'' Saban said. ``I think we have extremely qualified, intelligent people who are going to make well-thought-out decisions on issues that will affect the league five and 10 years down the road, that's going to be beneficial to the players, that the owners can live with, and this is why they are so difficult.

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NFL | League moving closer to a labor deal?

Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:29:18 -0800

Alex Marvez, of the Sun-Sentinel, reports the NFL appears on the verge of reaching agreement on a new labor pact with its players union. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Monday, Feb. 27, that progress has been made. An agreement reached this week would likely delay the start of the free-agent signing period, which is scheduled to begin Friday, March 3. Jones said negotiations between the league and the NFL Players Association could continue until Thursday, March 2.

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