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Moss' Agent...Drew Rosenhaus??


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Some of Rosenhaus' NFL clients include:

Anquan Boldin, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals.

Plaxico Burress, wide receiver, New York Giants.

Najeh Davenport, running back, Green Bay Packers.

Darnell Dockett, defensive lineman, Arizona Cardinals.

Reuben Droughns, running back, Cleveland Browns.

Edgerrin James, running back, Indianapolis Colts.

Grady Jackson, defensive lineman, Green Bay Packers.

Chad Johnson, wide receiver Cincinnati Bengals.

Willis McGahee, running back Buffalo Bills.

Dan Morgan, middle linebacker, Carolina Panthers.

Santana Moss, wide reciever, Washington Redskins.

Terrell Owens, wide receiver, Philadelphia Eagles.

Clinton Portis, running back, Washington Redskins.

Warren Sapp, defensive lineman, Oakland Raiders.

Jeremy Shockey, tight end, New York Giants.

Dwight Smith, safety, New Orleans Saints.

Duane Starks, cornerback, New England Patriots.

Marcus Stroud, defensive lineman, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Fred A. Taylor, running back, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sean Taylor, safety, Washington Redskins.

Zach Thomas, linebacker, Miami Dolphins.

Billy Volek, quarterback, Tennessee Titans.

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He has a lot of prime time players. So hes really not as bad as you think he is. i think the To thing was blown way out of wack by media. some of that is client fault. he has to do what they say or they can find another agent.

Yeah but he had a lot of influence over TO. TO is a bit too dumb to realize that he's very easily influenced when people appeal to his ego like Rosenhaus undoubtedly did. Drew had the most to gain from a new contract, .

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