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Ok i say this cool thing on the Cardinals Forums(yes the cardinals have forums) about a mock draft. What happened was each person from that forum would take a team and say what prospect they would draft. Then I fill the prospects name beside the team and who picked it. It seemed kinda cool and I am sorta bored right now. You can take up to two teams. No trades. No using prospects again if sombody already used them.

I am taking the Arizona Cardinals pick and the 2nd round Washington Redskins pick.

1. Houston Texans - H-O-G/Reggie Bush/HB/USC

2. New Orleans Saints - Joeskins/Matt Lienart/QB/USC

3. Tennessee Titans - Ceviker/Vince Young/QB/Texas

4. New York Jets - Macnoke03/D'Brickashawn Ferguson/OL/Virginia

5. Green Bay Packers - Brother Redskin/ AJ Hawk/LB/Ohio State

6. Oakland Raiders - Gusthecat/Tamba Hali/DL/Penn State

7. San Francisco 49ers - Taylorpicksix/Micheal Huff/S/Texas

8. Buffalo Bills - SkinzFan007/Winston Justice/OL/USC

9. Detroit Lions - MiamiCanesfan/Mario Williams/DL/North Carolina St.

10. Arizona Cardinals - Footballguy2677/Lendale White/HB/USC

11. St. Louis Rams - SupersmartBrunell5/Vernon Davis/TE/Maryland

12. Cleveland Browns- Skinzfan007/Bobby Carpenter/LB/Ohio State

13. Baltimore Ravens- BrianBein83/Laurence Maroney/HB/Minnesota

14. Philadelphia Eagles - STtheReaper/Sanantonio Holmes/WR/Ohio State

15. Atlanta Falcons- Hokie Skinz/Jimmy Williams/CB(S)/ Virginia Tech

16. Miami Dolphins- Skins5060/Jay Cutler/QB/Vanderbilt

17. Minnesota Vikings - Ramstheman/DeAngelo Williams/HB/Memphis

18. Dallas Cowboys- BigDFan/Manny Lawson/DL/North Carolina St.

19. San Diego Chargers - 36Skins56/Ko Simpson/S/South Carolina

20. Kansas City Chiefs- Moondog/Darnell Bing/S/USC

21. Jacksonville Jaguars -

22. Denver Broncos (from Washington) -

23. Cincinnati Bengals-

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

25. New York Giants-

26. New England Patriots -

27. Chicago Bears- NWSkins/Chad Jackson/WR/Florida

28. Indianapolis Colts-

29. Carolina Panthers-

30. Denver Broncos -

31. Seattle Seahawks -

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-

Washington Redskins 2nd round pick- Footballguy2677/Jason Avant/WR/Michigan

Of course i added washingtons pick:D .

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