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I almost ran Laurence Taylor over with my car the other day (not on purpose)


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I kid you not, he has a house in my neighborhood here (Grand Palms) in Pembroke Pines and I saw him walking up the street a few weeks ago and I was so shocked to see how big he still is I almost taged his ass with my car.

Here is where it gets funny. He gave me this look like "nice driving dumb ass (I deserved it) but then he saw I was wearing a Skins jersey and really gave me a crappy look :)

Would that have been ironic to say have your legs broken by a guy wearing a Redskins Theisman jersey???

Though you all would get a kick out of that. In all fairness from what I hear he is a real nice guy who is a great neighbor and is down to earth. I have not met him yet but I hope to. I just hope he does not remb me and kick my ass. I am sure when I explain it he'll understand...or hell kick my ass.

p.s I also almost ran Mike Tyson over in the driveway of the 4 Seasons in DC one night. When I told my guy who manages the Garden Terrace lounge there he said I should have... I guess he's a real prick to all the staff. Does not surprise me, the guy is a scumb bag rapest.


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