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trick plays please!!!


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I dont know about all those trick plays.. but maybe the flea flicker early in the game... and i also think the reverse to Moss is a good play that we should run at least once... just so they will respect it... its probably good for 10 yards at least once....

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we should do the play that pittsburg ran against the bengals i guarentee you in would work ..... but instead a pitch to portis and send moss deep

You know what I was thinking the same thing something like the play the Steelers did against the Bengals that was a sweet play. I don't think they will try HB option pass two teams in the week they tried that already against The Bucs so the seahawks would be looking for that. It has to be a play that will totally catch them off guard.

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A lot of the plays you are asking for are designed against aggressive Defenses that send a lot of blitzes. Seahawks don't do that or can't. They don't blitz a whole lot becuase it would leave their secondary more vulnerable.

I say let's shove it down their throats. GUT AND POWER!!! GO CP.. Yes I know they have the 5th ranked D against the run, but who did they have to stop this year? The teams with good rushing attacks they couldn't stop. See below

Team Net Rushing Yards vs. Seahawks

Jacksonville 119

Atlanta 115

Arizona 90

Washington 141

St. Louis 77

Houston 67

Dallas 164

Arizona 71

St. Louis 75

San Francisco 110

N.Y. Giants 166

Philadelphia 61

San Francisco 62

Tennessee 81

Indianapolis 43

Green Bay 68

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Moss short cross

Moss short cross

Moss block for a sweep (not all at once)

THEN....Moss touch block...streak....TD

The fake screen to Moss would have worked but Brunells throw was off

Tampa had a more agressive defense, we need more plays to set up the Killer


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The flea flicker would seem like a good idea against that D, but we've tried it several times this season and haven't executed it well. A few reverses / fake reverses to Moss might be a better idea against that overagressive Seattle D.

Congrads to me on my first post btw. :)


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We ran the halfback toss early against Tampa, with Portis just narrowly missing. I am sure that he has been begging the coaches for another shot.

Also, because we held such an early lead against Tampa, we really didn't use the large majority of the playbook that we had on offense (seeing as how we ran 66% of the time, much higher after our 14 point lead).

I have a feeling that we would have seen a lot more trick plays, which also included that fake wr screen which just missed. If Seattle defenders seem to think that they have figured out exactly what we will do, as they have stated in the media, that Coach Gibbs will do the exact opposite of what they expect.

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