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Videos from Trufaunt, Alexander & Winstrom on Redskins


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Alexander said if we stack the box they will throw for allot of yards. He seems very, very confident, almost to confident. "They should keep an eye on me every play"

We will stack the box and when they throw, Mr Taylor will pick them off.

The best of both worlds.


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You know what this is ? A team that is smelling themselves they are believing all the hype that the all the media experts spewing they believing what the media is saying that they should have an easy time against the Skins look what the Skins did against The Bucs they are no match for the Seahawks. Well, that's good that works more in to our favor so if we do win it will make it a whole hell lot sweeter because they are smelling themselves. What I smell is something that stinks really but we shall see what happen that is why they play the game.

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