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Funny BoDog odds (Skins surprising)


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For which team will Terrell Owens play his next NFL regular season game ?

Arizona Cardinals 60/1

Atlanta Falcons 7/1

Baltimore Ravens 16/1

Buffalo Bills 32/1

Carolina Panthers 16/1

Chicago Bears 25/1

Cincinnati Bengals 80/1

Cleveland Browns 12/1

Dallas Cowboys 4/1

Denver Broncos 8/1

Detroit Lions 30/1

Green Bay Packers 30/1

Houston Texans 10/1

Indianapolis Colts 200/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 30/1

Kansas City Chiefs 18/1

Miami Dolphins 15/1

Minnesota Vikings 75/1

New England Patriots 80/1

New Orleans Saints 25/1

New York Giants 35/1

New York Jets 7/1

Oakland Raiders 40/1

Philadelphia Eagles 300/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 50/1

San Diego Chargers 20/1

San Francisco 49ers 20/1

Seattle Seahawks 35/1

St Louis Rams 25/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6/1

Tennessee Titans 25/1

Washington Redskins 10/1

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Whoah -- the Vikes have lower odds than the Cardinals??? The Cardinals should be 200 to 1 or something like that...they have Boldin and Fitzgerald, two 100 catch 1000 yard receivers...they are the team that needs TO the LEAST!!

Minny on the other hand could use a big-time receiver to take the place of Moss, imho.

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Well, I would have figured Detroit to have higher(or lower, damn I get that confused I mean the one that puts the furthest from one) considering they have 3 first rounders...but I guess with that Matt Millen fellow...

I think they put the Skins high because of Snyder's rep to go after the big name. However, I doubt we would pick him up because of the baggage and our salary cap.

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