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Looks like WE are the REAL NFC East Champs

GC8 Bunta

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Giants got rocked by the Panthers...

looks like they are ONE and DONE like the Buccaneers. . .

all of a sudden 36-0 isn't worth anything anymore.


on a side note... to all the members with the negative threads...

i think you all are rediculous...

for God sake... we won the game... we are moving on...

if we win a game with -102838 yards of offense... i'm happy... and who cares if Brunell seems like he sucks on film... we are winning games...

Hail to the Redskins...

:gaintsuck :eaglesuck :dallasuck

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The Giants won the division whether we like it or we don't. It's great to be the last NFC East team standing, but it is what it is. Besides, I'd rather have a Lombardi then a division title.

all that doesnt matter now.

ill take a better division record + another game in the playoffs ANYDAY over winning the division and losing in the first game.

we are the beast from the east baby!

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Another pick by Manning...wha wha wha wha wha wha.

Of couse you guys do realize, if we drop a game and are out of the playoffs, all of these darned trolls that vacated will be back in full force spouting off at the mouth saying...so what if you guys wen't farther you didn't win the Superbowl so you're the same as us blah blah.

I swear we get zero respect...first we will be in the bottom of the division and only win 4 games. well..we went 10-6, won 5 straight at the end of the season..beat 3 division rivals to get that, made the playoffs..beat the Bucs, a team with a number one defense..and yet all of these fans of other teams, and these freakin media people still find negative stuff to say about us. I swear if we won the superbowl they'd still find a way to take cheap shots.

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I'm sort of glad we lost that way to them earlier in the season. I think it made the Skins bitter against the Giants and completely motivated us at home. A nice stepping stone into the playoffs!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

I dont care how ugly that win was yesterday. A Win is a Win and a Loss is a Loss. :)

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Anybody who uses our lack of offense against us is pretty much just making lame excuses and is trying to insult us in any way possible, we won the game so it doesnt matter. NExt week is a whole different week of footbal, for all we know we could put up 350 yds, ITS JUST 1 BAD GAME and....


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yea... its pretty sad if you go out on a playoff game and get shut out... at HOME...

Eli Manning is so great isnt he? pro bowler!!!... he is awesome... at throwing interceptions in the playoffs...

anyway... we have the Seahawks next week...

keep in mind...

we beat the before... at home though...


this is the same Seahawks team that struggled against the Giants in Seattle... the same giants that got blown out today...

we have a good chance.

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