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Terry MacAulay and his crew did a good job


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I never thought I would see this but the ref MacAulay and his crew called a good game, the Redskins didn't get screwed. Hopefully this continues for the rest of the year.
what are you smoking? what do you call that pass interferance call against shawn springs??? regie initiated contact, shawn held right to that position on the field and could have made a play on the ball. that was an absolute crap call, the officials this year are so bad
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Still thought we ended up on the short end of the stick..

the Springs PI call and there should have been offensive pass Interference in the corner of the endzone against the eagles.

but the eagles played a clean game. I didn't see them try and hold and get away with it, like I have many games this season from a few teams. Man I really really hate that.

I know they say you can call hold on every play but I'm talking blatant crap with a ref right there watching that other teams have gotten away with against us.

Overall refs get a C+ from me because they aided the Eagles in 4 Points.

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The PI on Springs was clearly wrong, but we got some calls too

I believe it was Mitchell was on the back of the one reciever in the 4th that they didnt call PI on.

Cooley jumping offsides when they called the holding call on Samuels.

But overall it was a well officiated game. They let the players play. Thats all you can ask for.

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