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Has anyone else noticed how HEALTHY we are?

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can we say BODYBAG GAME????

everyone is going down. the eagles will lose all their QBs and forfeit. the NFL will enact a new flag football policy to make up for it.....

just kidding.

we are really healthy. when everyone on your injury report is listed as probable and only one as questionable, in the last game of the season, you are in a good position.

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Ultimate jinx thread..........lets hope nothing goes wrong today!!!!!!!

lol, assuming things like 'jinxes' actually exist. jinxes follow the basic logical fallacy of "after this therefore because of this". it is human nature to see patterns in events when none exist.

if somehow I could actually cause redksins players to be injured by asking this question here, I applaud my personal power over the cosmos and look forward to how I will be spending my Powerball money this year - lol.

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We have our share of banged up guys. Jansen still has banged up thumbs, Brunell has an MCL sprain, Sean Taylor is playing with a low-grade separation of the shoulder, Randy Thomas, our best lineman, is out for the season. Two of our DTs are banged up. Portis plays with a bruise shin that flarees up every game and can't heal yet. David Patten is out for the season....

So yes, we have many injured players....

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