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Finally getting props..

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This article is GREAT!!! GO check it out! The team needs this type of love from the media once in a while!

http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/5190224 :gaintsuck

Interesting that he implys the Giant's may wish they hadn't beaten us so badly. Make me wonder how we should feel? Is it better or worse, if we had to choose?

On one hand they could have a psychological advantage because of the lopsidedness of the thing. They are possibly thinking, "Even if our performance slips dramatically, we should still beat them by a close margin."

On the other hand we could over estimate and over compensate by coming out with all guns slinging. The Redskins could therefore be thinking, "We need to pull out all the tricks, or else we're going to get stomped!" This could be good or bad. If they get down early will they abandon the run and let the Giants take control of t.o.p?

Also, because they know the pressure is more immediate for the Redskins to win, they could be looser from the start. They hold game one of a two game series, so the worse that could happen for them is for the series to be tied. For the Redskins its going down to a sweep, and likely missing the play-offs.

The two big questions for the Redskins on defense. Can they stop Tiki? Can they get to Eli?

On offense: Can Portis and company continue success chewing up ground yds?

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