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All i want for my birthday/christmas....


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Today is my Birthday.... usually i get snubbed this time of year with the Birthday xmas combo gift...

I will take it with a smile if it can be a Redskins win saturday!!!!

GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:gaintsuck

I know what you mean man. Mine is the 26th. I'll also have a Skins win please.

Happy Birthday to you both!!!! And Merry Christmas to all. HTTR!!!! :cheers:

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my birthday is on the 27th, so i understand the b-day/christmas combo gift ----- all i want is three w's for the last three games ------ one down and 2 to go!! :point2sky :gaintsuck

Happy Birthday to you all -- hope we all get exactly what we want :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky

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