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Guy who hit Sellers in ribs against Raiders


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Who was that guy? I thought his number was 5X...a linebacker perhaps. Reason I asked is the LT of the Chargers has hurt ribs because a Raider number 55 Danny Clark was caught grinding his knuckles into LT's ribs. Thought it may be the same guy who hit Sellers.



It wasn't this dude. It was #50. #51 did the celebratory dance in plain view of the refs after he realized Sellers was down. :doh:

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Sellers was fighting with a cracked rib that sent him to the hospital you know.

Good point he can't handle Sellers an injured rib is painful, hard to breath, move and everything---yeah I would know. And you're right it was 50, but they (Raiders) may be sharing techniques on how to hurt ribs...you know the Raaaiders.

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