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My analysis of the next 3 games...


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So here we are?Sitting at 5-3 and looking like a team that could be a problem for our next 3 opponents which are the Bucs,raiders and the Chargers.So lets start in order by schedule!

@ Bucs


I see so many posters say we should win this and checking "W" on the schedule like were the 91 skins...Cmon people...Confidence is great....being over Zealous might just break your heart...Sure,I know Chris Sims is not Phil sims,but this team is still gonna be hard to beat..For 1 thing,the game ain't in Landover Maryland but rather in Tampa..And unless you havn't noticed,our record isn't very strong on the road..True,we are coming together as a unit but I still see those footballs popping out and our D-line squaredancing in front of 5 Judges...That SUCKS...

The Good News=Our team is starting to get "it" and its showing on the field as far as teamwork...Our offense looks like it can actually sustain a drive and get points then what we are accustomed to for last 6 years..Cat.Williams hasn't played like he did for the first 3 games and griese is not the QB next week...

The bad news=This is a game on the road and even though we beat them last year the Bucs and Skins matchup is ALWAYS ugly..!!They had been getting the better of us for a while till last year...(Since gibbs return?)Their coming off 2 losses in a row and in a must win situation as ourselves as far as tiptoeing the winVSloss column...

Overall anaysis=This game could be a blowout(for us),.but I doubt it...More than likely it will be something simular to last nights games...I believe we will win,but it will be fairly tougher than most think...



Most people are concerned about the Chargers game and check this one off as a win...You guys are sadly mistaken...Actually,I truly believe we have a better chance against the chargers than the Raiders and I'll tell you why...

#1)The raiders are quite simular in attributes likie the Giants are...(or when we played them)They are very tough Offensively but their defense sucks (or we think)like the Giants...They have Moss and porter....Lamont Jorden and of Course the Redskin burner himself....Kerry Collins!

I can see us not being as prepared as we should be and losing 1 at home if were not careful...Don't get wrong....?I think the Chargers are a much better team,but I also think we will definatetly be prepared when they come to our house...Honestly?I bet we win this game!!You heard it here first...Plus their might be some players still on the roster who want to stick it to ole' Shotty!But back to the Raiders(more on chargers next!)

the Good news=we are at home!!we Could be 6-3 at this point,while the raiders could be giving up as that division looks about as tough as ours...I would love to stick it to the raiders any chance we get!Remeber superbowl XVIII??(38-9).And since Charles woodson is out,I think they may have a problem covering our MOSS.I also think that if we can get good protection up front,we will be able to throw the ball around with an overzealous S.Sweigert!

the Bad news=this will be our 3rd game in the Afc West and we all know how the other 2 outcomes were...I just hope the team can forget about that and move on like I hope we will...

Overall analysis=I'm more worried about this game against the Raiders than any of the next 3 games...!If Collins decides to get in a shootout with us,I'm afraid we might get away from our gameplan and play into Norvs Hand...Hopefully Gibbs can prevent this from Happening!



IMO...This is the most important NON-conference game we have this year.This will determine 3 things...

1)How good are we,really?Cause the Chargers are good...

2)Shotty might be the worst postseason coach I have ever seen...But during the season he can out coach anyone..IMO..This might be a battle of the Brains...GIBBS V.S Shottenheimer.!

3)I think the Chargers might be 1 of the top 5 teams that are balanced on both sides of the ball and on Special teams...If we can beat them,we can win the Superbowl or should I say....We are good enough to win the Superbowl...

Good news...We are at home...If this were a road game,even I would check a LOSS on the schedule,but it's not...And FED-X is gonna be real loud this day....This might be and has the potential to be one of the best games of the year!!

The bad news...The Chargers don't make stupid mistakes very often(side from the Philly blocked FG game)If we think we can make the mistakes against the Chargers like we did against PHILLY and WIN...We are sadly dreaming!We will need to play Perfect football against them to beat them....And we will!!!

Overall Analysis=The Chargers are in the same boat we are in...Their fighting for their lives in that AFC west Division...Hell,even the Raiders are starting to play good football...Even though the Raiders and Chargers are what some would call..."non important games" do to the fact they are in the AFC Conference and would not have much bearing on Playoff implications...Don't be fooled by this at all!!They are very big!!For 1 thing...Their home games and we need to win as many as we can apparently since we suck on the road...(Kidding)??But really....??Do we know for a fact we will beat the Cardinals,Bucs and Rams which are all road games?

lets go skins baby!!!!!!!!!

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Right now, I'm only looking at Tampa. I agree that many are looking past Tampa, which is not smart. They have a top D in the league which causes enough challanges in itself. While Simms is still prone to rookie mistakes only starting 4 games at this point, he can play the game if given time. From watching their game sunday, between Cat and A train, the running game is solid. A train can hurt ya, and our D is going to have to make sure tackles if we want to stop either guy. Gallaway is their biggest threat down field, but I'm not to worried with Springs knowing him well.

This game is winnable, but we have to keep the mental gaffs down. I also agree it will be a close game, and the coaching staff better make sure the entire team is well hydrated long before the game. While it's going to be a bit cooler for us Floridians, it going to be warm for a northern team. More then likely between 75 and 80 at game time with the cold front expected later in the week. This is a concern every time we play down here.

I think we can actually get the running game going this week against Tampa. Stats may not back me up on this, but I just have a hunch Portis will have over 100 this week.

Should be a fun game to watch............

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Wellington Mara is not going to keep dying every week and the Bucs, Raiders, and Chargers are flawed teams. At the end of the day we're simply better, plus we're winning the close games. The Tampa game is no tougher than the Dallas game we already played with the added bonus that we are playing a weak qb. The Raiders are undisciplined and uninspired and are going to stumble into DC and get popped in the mouth. San Diego is dangerous, but if the Jets can push them to the brink, than we have a real good chance. Once you stop LT who else can legitimately beat our defense? Antonio Gates? I think not. We got a real chance against three non-division teams to get to 8-3. If we're serious about making the playoffs we are going to have to go at least 2-1 in this stretch.

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WOW!...5 replies...I had done better had I gone to tailgate and talked about how the weather might be for the tampa game!!I thought my post commended more than that.....

Maybe I should try BIG letters next time or hyroglyphics...?

Very good post dude, it just happens that the good ones get missed some times.

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The Tampa game will pose some problems, their offense will get better every week and their defense remains quality. We can hope to capitalize on rookie mistakes by their QB and we'll definitely have to stop the run. We have to hold on to the ball, and win the turnover battle with this game. Like Gibbs has said, we can win any game and we can lose any game. We have to come out this week, and every week playing well and we'll make the playoffs.

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as I posted in another thread, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves in EITHER direction.

the Bucs lost to the 49ers and only scored 14 points last week in a lopsided loss. their 5-3 record was built largely when Brian Griese was the starting qb.

the Raiders are a team that seems to be slipping from the race. they are in one of the toughest divisions, if not the toughest, and the loss to KC really seemed to take the air out of their tires.

the Chargers are a solid team. they have faced some adversity to only be 5-4. the Eagles game was all but stolen out from under them. still they have given up some big plays through the air this season and quarterbacks like Drew Bledsoe have had good days eating up their secondary.

that's all on one side.

on the other is the fact the Redskins are a team that has at times been its own worst enemy with turnovers. despite being 5-3 the team is second worst in the NFC in giveaways/takeaways.

the Redskins also have a habit of allowing games to come down to the final couple of plays regardless of the opposition. outside of the 49ers game, none of the other Redskins victories were safely assured until the final gun went off.

finally, the Redskins despite being 4-0 at home are just 1-3 on the road. the team found ways to fumble away what could have been wins at Denver and KC by showing their sloppy side. Hopefully, the 36-0 loss in NY was a wakeup call for lost opportunities.

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WOW!...5 replies...I had done better had I gone to tailgate and talked about how the weather might be for the tampa game!!I thought my post commended more than that.....

Maybe I should try BIG letters next time or hyroglyphics...?

Or maybe just deal with it?

I wasn't aware T.O. joined our boards.. I wonder if your agent informed ES's PR people you were about to post so they know to throw a party.

Was still a good post ;p

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