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The year's easiest bandwagon to jump on is "Dump T.O." I'm always wary when criticism is THIS universal.

It begs an interesting debate: How important is winning? Because with T.O., the Eagles would have won last night's game (Brown's effort notwithstanding).

That's the trade-off: Rid the team of an ugly character, but lose a significant weapon on offense. It might cost the Eagles the playoffs.

Which will allow fans to rest easier? Knowing the team has run T.O. off? Or knowing the team has its best chance to win games?

Dumping T.O. is a safe choice. For Eagles fans' sake, let's hope it keeps them warm in January as they sit at home watching other teams compete for the NFC title.

(Meanwhile, was it just good timing -- or perhaps to tweak T.O. -- that RB Brian Westbrook signed a five-year extension on Sunday? I'll take tweaking.)

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wait how well did TO play against us in DC last year?

what 2 catches and a fumble in the red zone?

please :rolleyes:

11/21 WAS W 28-6 2 24 12.0 14 1

12/12 @WAS W 17-14 6 46 7.7 19 0

impressive :jerk:

Exactly. Their receivers Sunday played better than TO did against us last year.

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That's a legimitate conclusion considering how close the game was.

But you know what? Doesn't matter. The win still counts.

personally, i think the eagles were better w/o TO..seems to me like they played more as a team. whatever, your right though..a win is a win

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