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Just for fun:

Thought we might take a look at our new coach's previous stint in pro ball.


- If recent Florida teams are any indication, Spurrier has actually learned the value of Defense. Let's hope so.

- Danny Buggs. Anyone else remember that name?

- If nothing else, it was kinda cool to find a reference to the erstwhile Washington Federals. Now THAT, my friends, was a poor football team.

- Finally, under the heading Sure Sign of the Apocalypse ... there's a USFL message board on the site.

I'm thinking we should swarm it.

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How could one forget a guy like Danny Buggs. He wore #88, (or was that Jean Fugett's number ?) and teamed up with Fugett, Ricky Thompson, Buddy Hardeman, and Clarence Harmon, to form that potent offense of the late 70's/early 80's

[edited.gif by Mick on January 14, 2002.]

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I remember that guy. Wasn't Frank Grant a WR around then, too? Here's some other names from that period ... and just before.

Mike Thomas, Eddie Brown, Ike Forte, Brad Dusek, Rich Milot and the madman himself ... Pete Wysocki! Not the greatest Skins ever, but dear to my heart none the less.

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In keeping with the theme ... before there were Arrington and Barber (appropriately enough), the best 'do ever on a Redskin:

A tie, between Ted Vactor and Herb Mul-key.

Riggins' mohawk was righteous, 'tis true, but he had lost the bulk of that by the time he came to DC. Too bad, or he might have merited mention here. smile.gif

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