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Key Match up for this Sunday!!


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Here is the back breaker for the gmen..

Will Allen vs. S. Moss.. No way in hell he can cover or tackle Moss alone. See Moss getting Double teamed all day long which we all know what happens after that. Allen has had tons of problems covering and tackling and there is no way he can keep up with speedy.

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First off, Will Allen is playing. 2nd off, of all of Will Allens problems right now, tackling is not one of them. He's as sure a tackler as youll find at the CB position

You are correct, how can you tackle when Moss is passed your by 20 yards LOL


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I'm looking at events involving more than one person on each unit. When we have lost this season its been due to big plays and turnovers more than any other single factors IMO. And I'm following the evidence in feeling more concerned about their offense then their defense. Therefore,

1. Brunell & the RB's have to be at their best in protecting the ball.

2. It's damn near impossible to expect the defense to close down and finish every play in a game but that's the goal. Also because of the gnats big-play ability improving so much we have to pressure Eli more ever, while still keeping someone on Tiki and Shockey. A hard assignment, but we'll pull it off most of the game. Our coaching has been firm on emphasizing that the safeties and Lavar don't over-bite. But for all this to work well requires a lot of...

3. Portis running. The O line has to be bad-azz this game. Ball control will be a bigger factor than ever given the above.

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