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Riggins show is going on right now...(MERGED)


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I don't know if many of you listen to SIRIUS radio but there is a program called the Afternoon Blitz with John Riggins and Adam Schein. I am listening to it right now and it is really starting to irritate me. There is a guy on the program right now filling in for Riggo giving his top 10 teams and the G-men are #3. Guess who isn't on the list, the Redskins.

Yes I do beleive Eli has made some improvement but that last pass to Amani Toomer in the Broncos game wasn't that great. The drive was nice but Eli turned his head and just threw the ball. It was the last play of the game he figured it was either going to be a touchdown or INT.

If it was only this windbag saying the Giants are so great then I wouldnt mind but all week long its been the same nonsense.

Has anyone heard any programs or predictions with the SKins taking this game Sunday?

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Riggins fill-in today was former 49er Randy Cross. He always has come off as an arrogant ass. Figures he'd leave the Skins off his list.

That's OK though. The more they dismiss us, the better I like it. If we pull out the win this Sunday in NY, somebody's eatin' some crow on Monday.......:)

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Randy Cross? Best thing to happen in broadcasting was taking him of 49er games. Eeeeesh. Very bad.

I dont know I wish he would have been doing the 49ers game last week.I remember in the preseason he was talking about Gardner leaving the Redskins.He was saying something like a player such as Gardner just needs to get to a good orginazation to fullfill their potential.He basically said ,if I remember correctly, that a player playing on a perriniel loser may excel after a change.When is the last time the 9er's won anything?If I remember correctly we were mentioned with teams like the Bengals.

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