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Our Best offseason pickup so far...


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Just curious as to who you guys think our best off season pick is and why?

My vote is for Casey Rabach. Our Offensive line is playing great, MB is not getting hit nearly as much and he is getting a lot of time.

Obvisously Santana Moss is playing like a man on a mission, but if Brunell didn't have time to get him the ball, he wouldn't be doing as well.

Either way I think they are both studs and I'm glad they are both wearing Burgundy and Gold!!

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Moss and Rabach by far, and although it wasn't an offseason pickup you have to like Nick the kick. He's done a good job for us so far.

Hopefully Hall is ready on Sunday though as he's a good kicker in the meadowlands.

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i agree skins..we need the OL in order to find moss....but wtihout moss we wouldnt have aplaymaker...so im goin to have to go with a tie there, both are equally important. both make the running as well as passing game better

Definitely NOT saying Moss was not a HUGE pickup, I'm just a "its starts in the trenches" kind of guy. :)

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