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Easy Schedules???


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You know, Ive been thinking about something that a so-called columnist for the Washington Post wrote about after the Denver loss, and it's bugged me alittle ever since.

She said that the Redskins stunk, despite having the ' fifth easiest schedule' in the league.

-now, I just think that saying something like that is ridiculous. Much like Skip Bayless wanting to outlaw the kicking game in football. -maybe he would then refer to it as handball...

Anyway, back to the point. So the Skins have the ' fifth easiest schedule' huh? WOW! Lucky us! -but if our schedule is SO EASY, then why are we playing so many teams that are contenders????

I mean, it's not like we are playing the Texans and 49ers every other week! Our schedule is freaking tough...just like every teams schedule is, in the NFL.

Because in the NFL, there is no such thing as an EASY schedule! It doesn't exist! So this columnist should learn a thing or two before saying stupid things like that!

Anyway, peace bros...I just needed to vent.

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Fifth easiest? I live in Carolina and have had to put up with some obnoxious Panther fans and I must say that they have had one of the easiest schedules period. Outside of home games against the Packers and Patriots, they've had nothing, and they have been picked by SI to win the Super Bowl. What blows my mind is that they've played poorly in every game except for the Patriots. Yet somehow they manage to keep their heads above water, building confidence with each weak team they play priming them for the tougher ones. Yet, they get plenty of respect. I seriously doubt that the Skins have the fifth easiest. That is if you call four teams who are serious playoff contenders easy. The general sports media has no credit in my house.

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Um, point:

At the begining of the season, all statistical measures are self-reflecting. The teams themselves affect the rankings of their opponents.

Easy example: After one week, there will be exactly 16 undefeated teams, and 16 winless. And none of the undefeated teams will have played a team that isn't ited for last.

After two weeks, there should be slightly over 8 undefeated teams. (If you assume that all teams are actually equal, then there should be around 8 undefeated. If you assume that the average 1-0 team is better than average, then the number of undefeated should be higher than 8).

And none of the now-2-and-0 teams will have played a team with a winning record. Guaranteed.

Because of this, early in the season, it's just about guaranteed that, if the Skins are 4-0, then their opponents will have below-average records. (In weeks 1 and 2, it's guaranteed. In week 4, it's still likely.)

In short, we're just barely into the part of the season where the stats (including W-L records) are of any value for ranking purposes.

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There are only 3-4 teams a year that have no chance of winning, other then that 28-29 teams have a chance, thus it's impossible to assure that New England gets the most difficult schedule while San Fran gets the easiest.

Actually, that's one thing I've noticed about the way the NFL does scheduling right now.

All of the Skins opponents for next year were known before this season even started, except for two games.

And, whichever team finishes first in the NFC East (and wins the Super Bowl :) ) will play exactly the same teams as the last-place team from the NFC East, except for those two games.

How it works, now:

Next year, the Skins, after finishing in, say, first place in the NFC East, will play:

  • 6 games against the other three teams in the NFC East
  • 4 games against 4 teams from another NFC division (it rotates).
  • 4 games against 4 teams from another AFC division (it rotates).
  • 1 game against the (first) team from some other NFC division.
  • 1 game against the (first) team from some other AFC division.

The only difference between the first and last-place teams in the NFC East's schedules, will be that the first-place team will play two first-place opponents (for those last two games), and the last-place team will play the last-place teams from those same two divisions.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback. I am glad to know that my fellow Redskin brethren speak up when people in the media find ways to try and degrate our team. It seems that they enjoy to do this type of thing as often as possible.

Anyway, her name is Sally Jenkins, I'll have to look for the link to the article, and post it. I don't think she has an email address posted, but it's not really worth trashing her over. -I just hate it when people write stupid 'supposed' facts like that to put a team down, even though the fact is BS.

So, even with our EASY schedule, atleast we ain't renting hookers and party boats!

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The Redskins actually have an extremely difficult schedule. We are in the NFC East, where every division is a contender, giving us 6 games against tough teams. We are playing the AFC West, which is the second toughest division in the leauge, with 3 contenders in it, and a fourth team in Oakland which despite its struggles is very talented and definitely capable of an upset. We play the NFC West, which has the NFL's best offense in Seattle, and a dangerous team in St. Louis. Now, as we were the last place team year, for our NFC North and NFC South games we play last year's last place finishers. Unfortunately for us, those teams(Chicago and Tampa Bay) are now both leading their divisions, and Tampa Bay is considered one of the best team's in the leauge. So, we have actually one of the toughest schedules this year.

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So far we have played teams that have a cumulative record of 22-17. This does not sound that daunting, but if you take out San Fran it goes to 21-12. We have also went 2-1 against teams that currently lead their division.

I would say that we have played a pretty tough schedule so far. But with how tough the NFC East is, I would agree and say that our remaining schedule is not going to get any easier.

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Anyway, here is the link to the source. It's on page two when she states that we shouldn't suck so bad because of our easy schedule. But really guys, this is a retarded article to begin with, and not worth reading at all. So really, you need not click!


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