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Funny thread on NYG board


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does this guy know that if it weren't for us putting the hurt on san fran, then the giants would have the worst defense in the league? Even worse than SF.

:applause: Great point! Yeah if not for 52 points & 457 yards against San Fran, the Redskins would be playing the worst defense in the NFL. As it is, the 2nd best offense is playing the 2nd worst defense. Who is salivating over who?

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Wow, the intellectually challenged, straight from the heart in G Men land......I think he is still high on their last victory....wait till he takes the antidote....Redskins "O".......Dude better order some Zoloft after this week's game....as far as rankings go, 2 and 4 seem to be better than 15 and 31.........They have the worst corners in the league.....take off your blue colored glasses guy........

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Guys, I want you to find out who posted this, track them down, and

Invite them to our victory celebration, because that guy is the FUNNIEST LITTLE SOB I HAVE EVER heard from New York. Seriously, that guy's great, and I can always use the comic relief, we should ask him to post here his pre game analysis for every Giants game, what the heck.

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Just take a look at the dude's headshot...you look like that and you MUST find SOMETHING to hope for! (I'm sure his Mom is hoping this 30 year old will move out of the house soon)...



ok I'm done

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Seriously, that is a great picture, let's invite him to extremeskins and promise him his own pre-game thread as long as he promises to enlarge the picture and include at the end of every column with his by...... finish.

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This sums it up here. What fan of one team could "bleed" the colors of another team? :laugh:

Being from Fl, I can say you see a lot of that down this way. I have a friend who was born in Detroit, and grew up a Lions fan. His family moved to PA, and he started rooting for the Steelers. Now he's here in FL, and is a Bucks fan. George is not a moron like this guy, and knows his football. He only roots for the Bucks, but has a real soft spot for the other two.

My buddy Greg is from Chicago, he still follows da Bears, but feel he needs to root for a local team, so he's a season ticket holder with the Bucks.

So many transplants down here. Hell I grew up in a Giants fan family till I was 9, but I had an epiphany ;) I've been a fan of the Skins ever since, living in NY, CT, and now Fl. I don't need to root for a home town team to feel good, and that whole duality of man thing doesn't apply to sports in my book.

That thread is very entertaining. Haven't laughed that much in some time. The Wil Allen comment was the best. Giant fans hat the guy, and there no too fond of AP either.

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Thats what Giants fans are all about. Im from the Jersey area. 10 mins away from NYC and that's just how they think. Im gonna be at that game so hopefully we will shut those fans up. Im hoping our Offense puts a beatin on them cuzz their defense is horrible. And last year i went to the giants vs. redskins at the Meadowlands. I want some pay back cuzz i was talking alot of s*it and then i had to put up with 7 turnovers. Put lets break down this lucky giants team

QB: Eli is coming on strong so hopefully Coach williams can do that same thing he did to Eli last year. Marcus and LeVar will be lickin his chops

RB: Tiki is the most overrated running back in the league. He gets out of bounds before anyone can hit him. Maybe i just hate on him because i like a strong running back. Hopefully Griffin will be active to drop tiki's ass or push him out of bounds.

TE: Shocker is not consistent enough and i think Taylor sould have fun with him.

WR: Plaxico is the only one worth talking about. But he's semi-tall. really slow too.

D-line: Jansen always shuts Strahan down. I love watching them two go at it.

Linebacker: If it wasn't for "SkinGrown" Pierce the giants linebacker wouldn't even be worth typing about. Cooley should out performance the giants te.

SEcondary: Will Allen is the worst first round pick i ever saw. And will be gone after this year. I dont think he even has a pick in his career. The safeties are gonna play even worse that Dallas did.

Kicker:Feely, He sure can kick a long one. I think he is the most feared Giant right now.

All jokes aside. The SKins should regain control of the East after this sunday. Its time people start knowing we are one of the top NFC teams.While u guys watching the game be on the look out for a LeVar poster at the game. Ill be bringin a good one.

:eaglesuck :gaintsuck :dallasuck

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since when did our offense line up against their offense.

i love how he dumps on our offense and says the giants d is going to crush us without looking at a single match up. and then says their o is going to roll without mentioning anybody on our d.

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I've watched more football in my little pinkie than you have forgotten your whole life, son.


Ya that was another good one. Doesn't it go something like............

"I've forgotten more about football then you'll ever know"

What a putz

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