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Vikings allegedly had sex party on boats


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WOW all I can say. Not sure if anyone has seen this and sorry if it should be posted in another area.


NBCSports.com news services

Updated: 3:40 a.m. ET Oct. 12, 2005

The Hennepin (Minn.) County Sheriff's Department is reportedly investigating allegations of criminal sexual conduct by Minnesota Vikings players.

According to Knight Ridder Newspapers, a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka devolved into an out-of-control party that included lap dances and sexual acts.

Stephen Doyle, a lawyer representing the owners of Al and Alma's, a company that charters cruises on the lake, told Knight Ridder cornerback Fred Smoot and another Vikings player, whom he declined to name, reserved a charter for a night-time excursion Thursday.

"From our end, I don't know the name of the other primary person, but we turned over to the police today documents that show signatures or credit cards or whatever was associated with closing this deal," Doyle said.

According to several reports, a woman called Mound police Thursday night to report allegations of "possible prostitution, drugs and live sex acts" on the two boats. According to the police report, the woman said she and her brother's girlfriend served as hostesses on the ships.

Nobody has been arrested and no suspects have been identified, Sgt. Haans Viteks told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. He wouldn’t confirm or deny whether any Vikings were involved.

“It was a stag party atmosphere on the boat with allegations of strippers and sexual conduct,’’ he said. “We’re still trying to sort things out at this time.’’

Doyle told Knight Ridder about 90 people were on the two boats. According to a Vikings player who spoke on the condition of anonymity, about 15 Vikings players were on a charter as part of what he described as a "team event." The player said that he was unaware of any sexual acts and that the cruise lasted less than 90 minutes. Doyle said he believed it to be a tradition for Vikings rookies and first-year players to take their teammates out.

Law enforcement officials told the Star-Tribune the party became so out of control that crew members on the two yachts were offered money for sex and feared for their safety.

Doyle told the Star-Tribune behavior on the cruise included oral sex, masturbation and playing with sex toys.

Contacted Tuesday afternoon, Smoot indicated that the allegations are exaggerated.


• Another mess for Tice, Vikings

Doyle said further details will be released in the coming days.

"I actually have the names of about 16 or 17 other Vikings that my crew believe were on board," he said, "and a number of them they would be inclined to describe as being involved in these activities. The reason I'm holding off on this answer is two-fold.

"One is, when the particulars of this story come out, I think it's going to be perceived by most people as just horrendous. I want to be very, very careful that we not put a name out there of somebody who wasn't there. ... Secondly, not everyone [who] was on board [who] was a Viking participated in this."

The Vikings released a statement Tuesday night, saying, "The organization has been made aware of the allegations involving our players, and we take these allegations very seriously. We are working diligently to gather as many facts as possible."

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Not sure if anyone has seen this and sorry if it should be posted in another area.

Correct on both counts.

The search engine is your friend. Now go find the other thread on this, in the correct forum, & discuss your thoughts on it there.

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