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Perfect name for our LB crew!


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In an earlier thread people were trying to come up with the perfect nickname for our LB crew. As I was napping with my 11 month and 3 year old daughters this afternoon the perfect name came to me in a dream.


That's what they are all known for, HITS!

I can just picture them all dressed up in the old gangster style pin stripe suits with matching hats, standing in a dark alley, with a light fog, looking mean as hell.

That would be the perfect poster for THE HIT MEN!

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fuji, that would be the greatest poster EVER. And I mean EVER. Now, for the task of getting them in pinstripe suits and equipping them with tommy guns. We need a very persuasive autograph seeker...:laugh:

We'd have to get Smoot in there too. LaVar would be pointing at him and saying, "Say hello to my little friend."

We need to do this. Can I get an Amen?

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Good one Nighthawk!

For the DB's ( The "G" Men) - Poster of all of them, with Darrell in the middle, all with their arms folded, Stetson Hats and London Fog coats in front FEDEX.

Here's a thought on the Rock. He's shirtless, sweat all over his upper body, sitting top of a huge bolder with his arms over the upper part of his knees. Might make a nice "foundation" promo.

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FWIW, I've seen "The Hit Man" poster done by Mike Piazza (sp?).

But, I thought it was a cute idea. And, he can't exactly claim a copyright on the expression.

(Best sports poster I've seen: Jerry Rice leaping for a ball. "Rice be nimble. Rice be quick". And guess what he's jumping over).

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Well actuallly, in my dream the were holding tommy guns and as much as I would love to see "THE HIT MEN " holding tommy guns, I think we are living in a too PC world right now that I just don't see them going for it.

On the other hand they could be standing behind a pile of three football players, representing the qb's of our division rivals.

Any way the shoot it, it would make for a great poster and t-shirts.


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You're right. We have been talking bout this for a while now and this is it!

THE HITMEN is the answer.\!

So, how do we, the EXTREMESKINS, influence the national conscious and make our nickname THE nickname used across the county?

A couple of suggestions:

1. Somebody needs to make a banner with the poster we've described and put it up at the game.

2. E-mail or write to the team HQs with our idea.

3. Always refer to them here on our site, as the Hitmen.

I kow you guys have better marketing ideas, let's hear them!

GRAET job Nighthawk! :cool:

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The " Hit Men" is a great fit for that crew. Well done Nighthawk.

I don't know Orange, the best poster ever? The poster of the hotties in thongs in the back of the pick-up truck "Haulin A$$" is pretty hard to beat:D :D and still ranks high on my garage wall :cool:

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