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Former Redskin RB Terry Allen signs with...


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...the Washington Redskins.

Here's what the ESPN transactions page says (in error):

Washington Redskins: Signed running back Terry Allen, who had been with the Baltimore Ravens, to a one-year contract.


It will probably be corrected by the time you read this. (ESPN's NFL home page has the story correct.)

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I always thought the part of Terry Allen's game that was really underrated was his ability to block and pick up blitzers. Stephen Davis has turned out to be pretty good at that too. I wonder if Terry gave him pointers while he was here. In many ways, the Skins have been blessed in having RBs that pick up a blitzer.

IN recent years in the NFC EAST, I would say only the Cowboys with Smith and the Skins with Allen and Davis have had Backs that can consistantly pick up the blitzer.

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in all honesty, Allen would not have been a bad pickup for the Redskins considering that Betts and Watson are unproven.

I would have thought he would have picked a grass field to play on given his past knee problems. that carpet in NO is going to be hell on him if he has to sub much for MacCalister.

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