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Betts Just signed!


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Everyone but Ramsey is in now:

By Mark Maske

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, July 22, 2002; 4:20 PM

CARLISLE, Pa. – Rookie running back Ladell Betts reported to training camp, on schedule but perhaps surprisingly, with the Washington Redskins here today while his representative and team officials applied the finishing touches to a contract agreement.

Betts's contract was not completed by the time he showed up at Dickinson College this afternoon, sources close to the situation said. But Redskins officials expected to finish a deal with agent Ralph Cindrich in time to have Betts, the club's second-round draft choice, on the field for Tuesday morning's opening practice of camp, according to sources.

That was a quick reversal from over the weekend, when Cindrich said the two sides were far apart in negotiations. The Redskins plan to have Betts back up starting tailback Stephen Davis and serve as a third-down receiver out of the backfield this season.

It appeared today that quarterback Patrick Ramsey, the team's first-round selection, would be the only of the Redskins' 10 draft choices absent from Tuesday's practice. The Redskins completed an agreement today with wide receiver Cliff Russell, a third-round pick, after getting a deal done with cornerback Rashad Bauman, another third-round choice, on Sunday.

Long snapper Jeff Grau, a seventh-round pick, completed a deal today and reported to camp. Tight end Robert Royal, a fifth-round choice, and offensive tackle Reggie Coleman, a sixth-round selection, also were on hand. The Redskins previously had signed safety Andre Lott, a fifth-round pick, and two seventh-round choices, defensive end Greg Scott and fullback Rock Cartwright

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You have to figure the heat just went up on Ramsey.

Everyone is signed. Obviously Betts caved at the last moment, showing he wanted to be there.

Does Ramsey really want to dick aroudn over a few bucks (particularly when the remaining money in the rookie pool is now set) adn risk pissing everyone off?

I'm sorry to say, but we have all the cards on this one, because we don't plan on using him. There ain't no way his hold out is going to net him an added voidable year.

Get with it kid. Everyone there, everyone's excited to start our run back to the playoffs ... do the smart thing and get up there.

Otherwise, if he's not there by Wednesday, I'm going to let him have it by Saturday!

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BTW, I'm most excited about Russell being in on time :D

I think at this point I've officially adopted him as my training camp favorite player to watch. I mean seriously. Spurrier's offensive schemes, and a player who runs a 4.27 40. And who was steadily praised by Spurrier once he got a look at him.

A few years from now, when Spurrier is putting up over 30 points a game, and everyone is going, "well, how come they've got all of these good receivers", one of those receivers will be a third round pick.

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Good point....

Mendes to Cindrich...

"Here's the deal... there's this much room left in the rookie pool (points to whiteboard). If you agree to #s on Betts right now, you get this much (points to whiteboard). Otherwise, who knows how much will be left when Ramsey agrees.

...15 minutes later...

Mendes to Jimmy Sexton...

"Ok, here's how much money you're getting...... what, negotiate? No, I don't think you understand.... oh, and btw, Spurrier is going to make Ramsey the water boy during training camp if you dont get your sh** together right now. Oh, you want an incentive based deal? Fine, I have a nice little contract right here... its based on the Ricky Williams deal.... oh, so NOW you want to sign a normal deal... I see..."

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Rock is faster, has less body fat, lifts more, etc etc etc. The one thing he does not have is height.

Gotta admit, at 5' 7" I don't have the guts to even try throwing to him over the middle. OTOH, Davis ain't known for his hands, either, and it doesn't seem to have crippled the team much.

If "all" Rock does is run up the middle (through tiny holes) and get tackled by a safety after 10 yards, then I can live with that. (I still hate Joe Morris for doing that to us).

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This is great news. 9 down 1 to go. Just wondering how much under the cap we are right now before Ramsey signs? Ramsey better not be a pecker wrapper and hold out for weeks.:laugh:

The kid has to realize SS is going to be here for 5 years. If he pi$$es SS and Danny off he may never get a fair shot.

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Yep Larry & Blondie,

I agree.

The height thing, or lack of it, for The ROCK, is an advantage. While playing rugby, those little fast guys used to ALWAYS pi$$ me off! I'm not all that tall, 6', and I was constantly missing them high.

Both Joe Morris and Lil Joe Washington, made carreers out of guys missing them high!


We just might be getting some production out of our latter round draft picks. :cheers:

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Quit running into the measurable traits trap. If you think speed is so important, then explain why Reggie Brooks isn't headed to the Hall of Fame!

Part of it is Rock's size. But I have no idea how good his hands are even running with the football. He may be a born FB insofar as he can't carry the, uh, rock, and is a devastating blocker with a low center of gravity. Think about it- just try getting under a guy who's 5'7" and 240 lbs!

Also there's more to running with the ball than straight-line speed. Another still-active dimunitive RB in Dallas has shown that to us time and again for more than a decade. If Betts has Emmitt's elusiveness and vision, I'll be more than happy even if Rock has a faster 40 time.

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