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How many players will the Redskins sign tomorrow?

Zen-like Todd

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The way I see it, there are at least 2 open roster spots right now. I'm thinking Ray Brown on offense, and some random defensive lineman we may or may not know about. And I'm going to say that it goes down tomorrow (Thursday). Training camp starts Monday, so I think we'll want to get these guys in.

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until Sam Adams signs on somewhere (Cincinnati?) I am going to stick to my belief that the Skins are keeping cap space available for a last minute offer to him.

we passed on Willie Jackson, who signed for reasonable dollars in Atlanta and didn't get involved in the Josh Evans sweepstakes either.

no news on Ray Brown or other OL either.

so, in terms of veterans, it seems clear the Skins are focused in another direction. and that direction I bet is still ole Sammy. :rolleyes:

in terms of the rookies I would imagine there will be a push to get them all done this weekend, with the possible exception of Ramsey, who may take a few extra days.

but as we have discussed before, none of the draft picks project to be immediate contributors, so there is not the urgency there was with the Arrington and Samuels signings a couple of years ago.

we DO have a lot of paperwork to do, though, with only 2 of 10 picks signed. :laugh:

most of these deals are really standard slotting without much variability in any event.

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I think that the Redskins front office have a plan here, we will save our money until training camp cuts begin (Offensive Linemen are very susceptible to these sort of cap saving moves), and when there are a handful of players with no jobs, and very few teams with any cap room at all, the asking prices will be very low. This is where we could make a killing.

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I for one would not like Ray Brown back as hes almost 40 now, Bruce Mathews was just awful last year, and really started to lose his game 2-3 years ago.

Matthews was so bad last season that Tennesse had to switch him to centre (the least demanding physicly on an Oline)

Saying that Brown was pretty decent last year but stilll... every year you lose a step or 2.

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