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Tropical Storm Emily Develops In Atlantic


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t 11 p.m., the center of Tropical Storm Emily was located near latitude 11.3 north, longitude 47.0 west or about 1,000 miles east-southeast of the Lesser Antilles.


Emily is moving toward the west near 13 mph and a gradual turn toward the west-northwest at a slightly faster forward speed is expected on Tuesday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 45 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is forecast during the next 24 hours.

Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 35 miles from the center, according to the National Hurricane Center.

"It's the record for the first five named storms so early in the season," said hurricane specialist Stacy Steward.

Emily is the fifth storm of the season.strm5_track_720x486.jpg

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You know what really sucks......................

I read this forum to get away from the everyday stress, and I can't even get a minute away from it here.

It's covered every minute of the day in the media down here, and I know it's news. I know I don't have to read the threads, but just the site of a topic Title is starting to get to me.

I'm not asking for folks to stop, just venting a bit....................

Here's to our "Extremeskinsweather.com" crew:cheers:

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