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Countdown to Training Camp

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Countdown to Training Camp



By Rich Tandler Editor-in-Chief

Date: Jul 11, 2005

With the Redskins scheduled to don the pads and take the field at Redskins Park three weeks from today, it’s safe to say that training camp is just around the corner. As the Redskins strive to improve on last year’s record and Joe Gibbs takes another shot at working his magic and returning the team to glory, WarpathInsiders.com will be with them every step of the way.

Here’s what to look for from your #1 source for Washington Redskins news and analysis during the next three weeks and a peek at what we’ll be bringing you when camp starts.

Drill Down: This new feature will take an in-depth look at an important facet of the team. In our first installment of Drill Down, we looked at how the Redskins emphasize flexibility and versatility in their defensive players, complete with sound bites of Gregg Williams explaining the philosophy. Look for more of the same involving other critical aspects of the 2005 Redskins.

Cap Crunching: When the major rookie contracts by the Redskins’ top draft picks are signed on the line, we’ll be reporting the nitty-gritty details of the deals. You’ll know how the contracts hit the cap this year and down the road.

Man to Man: From the undrafted free agents to the established veterans, from the starters through the players on the bubble and beyond, we will be examining the Redskins roster unit by unit, position by position, man by man. We’ll look at what impact the starters need to have to help the team win, at how the backups will contribute and at what the long shots will have to do make the final cut.

Camp Old School: We’ll take a look back at how camp was under some legendary coaches and at some other training camp memories throughout Redskins history.

Once camp starts (again, just three short weeks from today), we’ll be bringing you the best and the most training camp coverage you’ll find anywhere. Look for:

Drill Downs with close looks at the most important events that transpire during camp

Ongoing Man to Man analysis as the battles for positions and roster spots evolve.

Interviews with players and coaches, many of which you won’t find anywhere else, presented in audio in our exclusive Camp Bytes section.

Q&A’s with Redskins players and coaches, presented in both written and audio format.

John Keim’s ever-popular Sights and Sounds articles.

Many other innovative and exciting features.

We’re coming up with new and exciting training camp features every day, so stay tuned as August 1 approaches to get all the details of what’s in store for you.

A lot of the above will be available to all, but the only way to make sure that you will get the maximum camp coverage is to get a Total Access pass. If you get our best deal and take out the annual subscription, you’ll pay less than a quarter a day for not only access to all of WarpathInsiders.com’s Redskins coverage all year long but also access to information about your favorite Major League baseball team and most major college programs as well on the extensive Scout.com network (go here to check out your other favorite teams’ sites). If that’s not enough, your annual subscription gets you some fine print publications, including a year’s subscription to Warpath.

There are other plans to get the access to the premium articles as well. No matter how you get it, though, you have to get it. Don’t be left on the outside trying to look in.

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