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OK. I posted three other strips and it just kept editing the last one...I'm pissed now :mad:

And now it is telling me that I can't post those other images again because they were already posted in this thread! Aaagh.



nm, I worked around it.

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In his search for originality, Calvin’s snowmen come to portray the merciless attacks of society on the individual. Both of these relatively simple cartoons depict the helplessness of the individual, a quality of Existentialism. The snowmen are caught in a world of fear, as they can never move farther away from their aggressors. The cartoon depicts that we are literally held in the jaws of society, unable to escape and live, unable to even die. The crowd of individuals, all fleeing the same terror, realizes that the attack is real, and yet each one must find their own escape. The purge of society is the inevitability to help each other or ourselves; we are trapped in the choices we have made and so alienated from each other that we cannot help each other escape those consequences; essentially, we’re “goners.” Just as the sharks move in on their prey, so does society close in on us. Calvin gives us a warning that each member of society will ultimately suffer the snowmen’s same fate.

Calvin’s snowmen also depict life as a meaningless existence. In one strip, one of Calvin’s snowmen is not very happy, and Hobbes is curious as to why. Calvin points out that he knows his existence is meaningless. It will be just a matter of time before the sun comes out and he melts. There is of course a comic ending to make us feel that life is not meaningless (there’s always TV), but at the same time, the fear that life might just be meaningless is introduced, nagging us. Knowing that life is transient and understanding our own horror of mortality leads to the alienation of self.

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